Anthem Fort Tarsis Gameplay and Exploration Shown in New Video

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Not everything in Anthem will be about firing projectiles and killing off enemies. While the majority of the game will be about going on missions with your teammates, and collecting loot, a good portion of the game will be about the player traversing the game’s main city hub called Fort Tarsis.

Shown below is seven minutes of Anthem Fort Tarsis gameplay and exploration. We see dialogue options, stuff that players can pick and collect in the game world, vendors and more.

If you want a quick tl;dw (too long, didn’t watch) version of the video, Reddit user PapaCharlie9 posted a bulletpoint list.

  • Sheer size of the Fort. Bigger than Skyhold, might be as big as the Citadel.
  • Top-down map looks like a tabletop RPG mapping tool (that’s a good thing!)
  • Areas get unlocked in the Fort.
  • Helios and Antheum as two other locations (this might be old news)
  • Alliance “friends” coop weeklies, and regular Monthly, Weekly and Daily activities
  • Factionalism and political tension – Sentinels vs. Freelancers
  • Cortex (lore) to collect
  • Fort changes over time; removal of clutter, flooding
  • A bar to fight in 😉
  • Merchants and quest givers

In other Anthem news, BioWare confirmed that there won’t be a vote to kick option for party members in Anthem. The studio also claims that it was developing Anthem even before Destiny was released.