Anthem Won’t Have a Vote to Kick Feature, BioWare “Most Likely” Will Add More Javelin Abilities Post-Launch

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If you’re rather picky on who joins your fireteam in games, you won’t have a choice to boot people in Anthem, though this won’t apply to AFK (away from keyboard) players.

Over on Twitter, Lead Producer Ben Irving mentioned that there’s no Anthem vote kick feature, since there’s too many negative behaviors that stem from this.

“No vote kick. We think too many negative behaviors come from this. We do have ways to AFK kick someone”

Makes sense, though some might not like this, no? Maybe BioWare can adjust it based on feedback, so don’t worry too much.

In a separate tweet, Irving also mentioned that it’s “most likely” that new javelin abilities will be added down the road for the existing four classes we have.

New abilities to the existing classes or new classes altogether seem like a logical step for expansions, no? Let’s hope that we get these faster than in other shared world shooter games.

Speaking of which, BioWare just recently revealed that they’ve been developing Anthem even before Destiny came out, which might come as a shock to some.

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