Anthem Loot Boxes Won’t Be a Thing According to BioWare

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Are we finally seeing the end of loot boxes in video games? While most titles employed the loot box scheme to lure in players with real world money for a chance to get something good, loot boxes are now frowned upon by gamers whenever they’re mentioned.

If you were worried that Anthem loot boxes might be introduced by BioWare sometime post-launch, don’t fret! It’s not happening! Over on Twitter, Lead Producer Michael Gamble answered a fan’s concern that Anthem might introduce loot boxes after the launch reviews have dropped, which was vehemently denied by the developer.

We aren’t going to add loot boxes. It serves no purpose. The cosmetics and mtx plan is what we’ve outlined. Legion of dawn is 4 new armour packs. They aren’t just skins. Each javelin has 4 armour bits. You get 16 with LOD + wpn + other goodies

While microtransactions will still be part of Anthem, it seems it’ll be tied to cosmetics alone, which should please a lot of gamers.

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