Anthem to Have a Mass Effect-Themed Armor, and Here’s Our First Look

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In case you didn’t know, BioWare, the studio working on Anthem, is also the same studio who worked on one of the last generation’s best gaming experiences, Mass Effect. While the latest game in the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda, has seemingly put the franchise on ice, the studio won’t let that stop them from reminding people about the Mass Effect franchise even in Anthem.

Over on Twitter, Lead Producer on Anthem Michael Gamble shared one of the javelins wearing Mass Effect’s familiar N7 arrmor to commemorate N7 day (which was yesterday).

In case you didn’t know, N7 stands as a code for the Alliance, which is the name of the human military forces in the Mass Effect universe. N means special forces, while the number 7 designates the highest level of proficiency for the wearer. In the original Mass Effect trilogy, protagonist Commander Shepard is part of the N7 program, and is the only human to be a Spectre (thanks to Reddit user TheAssyrianGamer).

There’s no definite word on how we’ll get the N7 armor in Anthem, or whether it’ll be just a cosmetic skin or offer different abilities. But as a Mass Effect fan, you can bet your sweet ass that I’l be rocking this gear for my javelin.

In other Anthem news, BioWare is looking into a frame rate or graphics performance toggle option for the game. We also now know that Anthem will have more than three difficulty modes available at launch.

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  1. isn’t that tone deaf? especially to the mass effect fans who really want mass effect, got andromeda and are now told anthem with mass effect skins ftw? i suppose what really bothers me is how hard they are trying to sell the single player that doesn’t exist.

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