Anthem Frame Rate or Graphics Performance Option Being Looked Into for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, Skills Earn-able Even After Story Ends

anthem demo progress

With the added horsepower of both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, some games have capitalized on it by offering games the option to choose which to prioritize: frame rates or graphics. While the answer is definitely subjective and depends on the person, those looking forward to Anthem will be glad to know that the Anthem frame rate or graphics performance can be adjusted depending on the player’s preference!

This was revealed by BioWare Executive Producer Mark Darrah when answering a fan. When asked whether there’s an option to prefer frame rate or graphics on consoles, Darrah mentioned that they are looking to do just that on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Of course, with the studio “looking into it,” there’s no guarantee that it’ll be available at launch or at all, but it seems highly likely we’ll see it given other games have traveled the same path.

Also of note, when asked whether players can max out the skill tree in Anthem even after the story ends, Darrah confirms it’s a go!

Given how the game is a shared world shooter, and a “live services” title, being able to progress and max your skill tree even after the main questline is done isn’t all that surprising. I mean, the entire gameplay loop of these kind of games rely on post-launch, post-story content, where you’re farming for the best gear and so on. Still, it’s a nice confirmation to have.

Personally, I prefer a frame rate bump for shooters since it makes everything act out much smoother, but that’s just me.

In other Anthem news, don’t forget to check out all the abilities and ultimates the javelins available at launch can do! BioWare has also confirmed that Anthem will have more than three difficulty options available.

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4 years ago

Frame rate should have been king all along in this current generation of consoles. The main reason I bought into it all was for the 60fps “always experience” that never truly came. Here’s to hoping for next generation to achieve what was lied about once again…

Stretch Laymo
Stretch Laymo
4 years ago

I’m so tired of the lies…

Reply to  Stretch Laymo
4 years ago

Same here my friend….. Same here……

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