Latest Anthem Patch Introduces Quite a Number of New Bugs, Here’s Some of ‘Em

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Earlier today, BioWare dropped a massive patch for Anthem, which was aimed to not only tweak some of the gameplay elements, but also fix some of the technical issues the game is currently suffering through.

While there’s a laundry list of fixes that BioWare has made to the game so far, it seems the studio has also introduced a few new ones as well. Not only that, but some of the planned fixes haven’t been fixed at all.

Over on the Anthem subreddit, a bunch of people in the community have outlined some of the new Anthem bugs introduced via the game patch released earlier today.

That’s not all of it, even! If you want to read the rest, head on over here.

Have you encountered any Anthem new bugs with today’s patch? If so, share what you’ve experienced — or currently experiencing — in the comments below.

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