Anthem Post Launch Plans to Include New Enemies, New Area, Different Weather States and More

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While Anthem isn’t even out yet, the fact that it’s a game that relies heavily on live services means that players will be expecting a steady flow of post-launch content from BioWare. It seems the studio is very much aware of it, and has confirmed that the Anthem post launch plans include new enemies, new areas to explore and lots more.

Speaking to MMOGames, Anthem Producer Scylla Costa was asked about the Anthem post launch plans, and Costa confirmed that BioWare has teams working on it already, and some of the stuff they’re working on includes new creatures, different events, and even weather states that will affect gameplay and not just be a lighting change.

What’s the road-map for Anthem looking like post-launch?

There are a lot of things coming post-launch. We have many different teams who have been working on that stuff for a few weeks already, so you can see different cosmetic items, different creatures, maybe a new region to explore! You’ll have different events, different weather states. Anthem is a dynamic world; if you have rain right now it applies to your jets you can fly for longer as it cools down your jets. You can use electricity and therefore create larger effects. Try to imagine that we can create different weather states and apply that so not only are new parts of the world going to behave differently, but old parts of the world as well. If it’s day or if it’s night some creatures may show up or may be more powerful. We can play with all of these variables and create a new narrative for the game.

I have to admit, this weather-related gameplay mechanic is very intriguing, and is something that hasn’t been done before in similar games like Destiny, The Division, etc. (from my knowledge).

Don’t forget, BioWare has also confirmed that all story-driven DLC will be free, which means we’ll probably see a lot of these stuff available to everyone.

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