Anthem Sales Didn’t Meet Expectations, EA “Committed” to the Game “Long-Term”

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With Anthem suffering through one issue after another, and the community upset over some of BioWare’s design decisions, some might be wondering if the game sold well enough to make EA happy. Well, we know the answer now, and it’s a no.

Speaking in today’s EA earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson admitted that Anthem sales didn’t meet expectations, though he also added that the publisher is committed to the game, and to BioWare, and will support it “long-term.”

We are similarly committed to the live service for Anthem, and delivering for our community in this new IP over the long-term. The launch of Anthem in Q4 did not meet our expectations. However, we believe in the team at BioWare, and we also believe in what they set out to achieve with this game – building a new IP and melding genres to reach a new audience.

Players have spent more than 150 million hours in Anthem since launch, and we’ve heard from them that the beauty and expanse of the world is stunning, and that traversing the environment in the Javelin suits makes for amazing gameplay.

However, we’ve also heard feedback from our community about issues that began to manifest as the game reached scale, and that they want more depth and variety in the mission modes of the game. The team is now very focused on continued improvements to the game, and will then bring more content updates and in-game events that will enhance and expand the Anthem experience. – Andrew Wilson, EA CEO

This is welcome news for Anthem players, right? Granted, the update we got earlier today didn’t exactly exactly help things, but at least we got affirmation from EA’s big boss that they’ll support the game long-term.

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One thought on “Anthem Sales Didn’t Meet Expectations, EA “Committed” to the Game “Long-Term”

  1. You ever hear someone say something bad and then change the subject? That’s what the CEO did. It was all talk just to calm the investors.
    Don’t forget that this company is run by the same person who popularized microtransactions in sports games, did so well, became CEO & pushed to have it in everything going forward.

    6-12 months from now when this game is on life support, they’ll close BW Austin.
    BW Edmonton will complete DA4, release it to poor sales and get shut down as well.

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