Anthem Store Update for March 15 Now Up

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If you’re looking for ways to stand out in Anthem, then you might want to check the latest Anthem store update which happened earlier today!

On sale right now in the in-game store are your usual cosmetic items:

anthem store update

  • Salvager Armor Pack – 61,000 Coins/850 Shards
  • Jigsaw Armor Pack –  61,000 Coins/850 Shards
  • Fabric: Nylon Sun Tiled – 12,000 Coins/300 Shards
  • Cool Spin emote– 18,000 Coins/400 Shards
  • Decal: End of the Road – 6,000 Coins/200 Shards
  • Metal: Welds – 5,000 Coins/175 Shards

Don’t forget, these items will be on sale in the in-game store for a limited time before they’re rotated out.

In other Anthem news, make sure to check out the unannounced changes in patch 1.0.3! BioWare has also released a new server-side update today that fixes the loot for Grandmaster 2 and GM3!

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