Anthem Story and “The Dominion” Military Society Info by Revealed BioWare

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While we already know that Anthem’s main villain is called The Monitor, BioWare has now shared more details regarding Anthem story details, and even what you’re going up against.

In a new blog post by the studio, BioWare talks about The Dominion, which seems to be the faction the freelancers will be going up against. Here’s the important info revealed today.

Today, our struggle against the Anthem’s world-changing power continues. And now, a new threat is growing: the Dominion, a ferocious militaristic society in the mountainous North. The Monitor, a ruthless Dominion commander, claims to have discovered a way to control the power of the Anthem. If he succeeds, no one will be able to stand in his way.

A small band of Freelancers is all that can stop him. A battle for the future of our world is about to begin: a battle to stop the Dominion from harnessing the Anthem’s power.

Don’t forget, an Anthem livestream will be happening tomorrow which will focus on loot, progression, loadouts and more! We’ll get the livestream up on the site once it’s near the start time. Don’t forget. there are two Anthem demos coming next year, and here’s how to join ’em.

Are you happy with Anthem’s story so far or is it too vanilla for you?