Anthem Xbox One Suspend Bug Has an Unofficial Fix and Here’s How to Do It

anthem xbox one suspend bug

If you’re already playing Anthem on Xbox One via EA’s Play First program, and you suspend the game rather than closing the app, you might have noticed how it’s not working properly.

While there’s no official patch to fix this just yet, BioWare is aware of the situation. Lead Producer Michael Gamble has posted an Anthem Xbox One Suspend bug fix, and it’s relatively easy to do!

Xbox people this is important: there’s a known bug where if you suspend your game on Xbox and come back later on and resume it, it won’t re-connect. When you’re done, kill the title and relaunch when you play next. Otherwise it sits on the reconnecting screen forever

Hopefully, this will get sorted officially soon.

In other Anthem news, go check out our first look at the game’s shop and how real world currency is sold.  Make sure to bookmark MP1st’s Anthem game hub as we’ll be posting the latest news once we get them.

MP1st’s review of Anthem will hit the site soon, though expect it after launch as we’re waiting on the launch day patch to be rolled out, and of course, we want to play the game in real world conditions.

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