Apex Legends Battle Royale Game Based in Titanfall Universe Confirmed, Will Debut Tomorrow

Titanfall 2 down

To no one’s surprise, Apex Legends, the battle royale game based on the Titanfall universe, is real! Over on Twitter, the official Respawn account has updated its profile cover image with the Apex Legends logo.

If that wasn’t enough, Geoff Keighley has also tweeted its existence as well.

And again, as more proof, the influencers who were given the first time to play with it are now tweeting about their time at Respawn’s studio, and even pictures of it! People like Dr. Disrespect, StoneMountain 64, DooM49, and lots more are using the tag “Apex Partner” to confirm that they’re part of the group invited to playtest the game.

From the info leaked so far, Apex Legends will be a battle royale game based on the Titanfall universe though it won’t feature actual Titans, will feature  60-player matches, will be free-to-play, and will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Once we get gameplay tomorrow, or if anything leaks, we’ll be sure to let people know.

Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment, also revealed that we’ll be able to check out the livestream of the game tomorrow at 8 a.m. PT!

Are you hyped to play a battle royale game with what we presume will have Titanfall’s walljumping, and super fast movement gameplay mechanics?

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