Apex Legends Cheater and Spammers Update Given by Respawn, Over 700K Accounts Banned

apex legends cheaters update

If you’re an Apex Legends player on PC, chances are you’ve encountered your fair share of cheaters. While Respawn has commented on this before, there’s still a lot of work left to be done. Today, Respawn has given an Apex Legends cheaters update.

Over on the game’s subreddit, Community Manager Jay Frechette has given an update regarding the game’s cheater situation.

We’ve been working closely with key experts across EA including: EA Security and Fraud, the Origin teams, our fellow developers at DICE, FIFA, and Capital Games, in addition to Easy-Anti-Cheat. While we’ve already rolled out several updates (and will be continually doing so for the foreseeable future), others will take time to fully implement. While we can’t share details on what we’re doing so as to not give a head’s up to the cheat makers, what we can say is that we’re attacking this from every angle, from improvements to detecting cheaters, bolstering resources and tools, to improving processes and other sneaky things to combat sellers and cheaters. We can share some high level stats of progress that’s been made:

  • The recently added in-game reporting tool has had a big impact on discovering new cheats, including previously undetectable cheats that are now being found automatically via EAC
  • Total bans are now at 770K players
  • We have blocked over 300K account creations
  • We have banned over 4,000 cheat seller accounts (spammers) in the last 20 days
  • Total affected matches on PC impacted by cheaters or spammers has been reduced by over half in the last month due to recent efforts

Respawn states that they’ll have an update next regarding one of the issues mentioned by the studio last week. While there will always be scumbag cheaters in online multiplayer games, at least Respawn isn’t stopping from blocking these people from ruining the fun.

Speaking of which, check out this blow by blow account of an Apex Legends cheater getting banned repeatedly.

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