Apex Legends Down Issues Surface for July 13 (Update)

Apex Legends Down

While Apex Legends fans might be looking forward to the Thrillseekers event kicking off today, it seems Apex Legends down issues are surfacing right now! For those who can’t log in, or find matches, it’s not you, but the game itself.

Apex Legends Down Report Surfaces for July 13:

Update: Respawn has rolled out a fix that should fix any issues!

Multiple threads on the Apex Legends subreddit are surfacing as we write this, and here are some of them:

Why does the game look like this? ive restarted and all, no updates but cant play br non ranked 🙁 from apexlegends

Welp, Pubs have been hacked again as soon as the event went up. Ya love to see it. from apexlegends

Apex Playlist being broken again pt 2 from apexlegends

While this could be just a server hiccup on Respawn Entertainment’s side, it was just a week ago that hackers took down the Apex Legends servers to push a “Save Titanfall” campaign. It’s currently not known if this outage is due to the same group of individuals, but thankfully, Respawn is aware, as one dev has tweeted the following:

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for this one, and once more developments are available, we’ll update the post, so make sure to refresh this post from time to time within the day if you still cannot log in.

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