Apex Legends Havoc Weapon Info Outlined by Respawn

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In case you aren’t keeping tabs on Apex Legends news, Respawn Entertainment has added a new gun to the game! Called the Havoc, this new weapon is a hitscan one, which means you can hit targets where you aim since it won’t have bullet drop like the other weapons.

The big game-changing ability of the gun is unlocked when you find and equip it with a Turbocharger attachment. Read up on the Apex Legends Havoc weapon info below.

The HAVOC’s default fire mode is full-auto with a charge time. This means you have to hold the trigger down before the gun will start firing. Once those Energy rounds start flying, their high damage, high velocity, and low bullet drop make up for having to wait.

The HAVOC is the first weapon that is compatible with multiple Hopup attachments! (You can still only use one at a time.) Check it out:

1) Turbocharger – Don’t want to wait for autofire charge-up time? Find a Turbocharger and forget all that.

  • Equip this rare hopup to eliminate autofire charge time and unleash the HAVOC’s full autofire DPS potential.

2) Selectfire Receiver – enables Fire Select to Hitscan Charge Beam

  • This single fire mode charges a powerful shot over time, then releases it automatically when it’s ready. A long blue beam traces out across the battlefield, as you instantly hit your target with the raw power of light.
  • The play pattern is new to Apex and twists our normal combat, requiring players to keep the reticle on target with precision.
  • HITSCAN yeah I said it. Unlike other weapons in Apex, “hitscan” weapons pretty much instantly hit the player under your reticle when they fire.
  • Don’t lead your target! Instead, make sure the reticle is directly on top of your target when the charge beam fires.
  • HAVOC Charge Beam mode has damage falloff so you can’t hitscan other players for big damage across the map without counterplay.
  • Your 25 round mag goes through 5 rounds at a time to power this incredible feat of science.

Respawn says that there are rare fully kitted Havoc’s out in the game, which should give players who find these bad boys an advantage.

Have you used the Havoc weapon? What do you make of it so far?

Source: Reddit

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