Apex Legends Known Issues Updated and Here’s the Newest List

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Those playing Apex Legends, I’m sure you’ve encountered a bug or two in the game, even with Respawn’s latest patch addressing some key issues players have experienced the past few weeks.

Today, Respawn made a list of the Apex Legends known issues, which is updated to reflect the bugs/issues found up to today, June 14, 2019. Note that the list below does not represent all the known issues the game has, and it doesn’t mean that if it’s not there that Respawn isn’t working on it.

  • Havoc and Devotion base ammo reduced – FIXED IN LAST PATCH
  • Skydiving from a Jump Tower “nerf” – FIXED IN LAST PATCH
  • Deathbox loot ordering – FIXED IN LAST PATCH
  • Octane jump pad sound issue – FIXED IN LAST PATCH
  • Issues with controller / key bindings – FIXED IN LAST PATCH
  • Accuracy while sliding and ADS – FIXED IN LAST PATCH
  • Changing game configs – ADDRESSED IN LAST PATCH
    • As of the last patch we’ve enabled the following commands. We’ve noted requests for additional commands and are evaluating others that we may enable in the future.
      • fps_max
      • mat_letterbox_aspect_goal
      • mat_letterbox_aspect_threshold
  • Caustic
    • Gas damaging players through walls – FIXED IN LAST PATCH
    • Being able to drop endless gas traps – FIXED IN LAST PATCH
  • Missing Twitch Prime Pathfinder Omega skin after getting it – FIXED
  • Ability to switch from localized voice overs to English.
    • Players will be able to switch language back to English in Season 2.
  • Legend models not showing up in banners at the end of match screen.
    • We believe we know what’s been causing this and will provide update on ETA for fix when we can.
  • Lag / datacenter mismatching /general network performance.
    • Currently investigating this looking at player reports and data. We’re aware of the feedback and we’ll update as we make progress here.
  • Disconnects caused by code:leaf and/or similar errors.
    • We’ve heard the reports loud and clear and are actively investigating. More work needs to be done here to figure out what’s triggering this error and we’ll provide updates on this when we know more.
  • Pathfinder’s hitbox
    • We’ve been investigating Pathfinder’s hitbox and looking at player feedback. At Season 2 launch we’ll be making adjustments to the hitbox that we’ll talk more about closer to Season 2.
  • Auto-fire exploit for multiple weapons.
    • The fix for this will roll out in two stages.
      • Planning for server patch next week that will should make the exploit happen much less often. In cases where it does occur, the weapon may appear to auto fire but the server will restrict it and players should still see normal damage numbers popping up.
      • The full fix requires a client patch that will come in the future.
  • Consumable Wheel appearing blank.
    • Aware and investigating. This one has been tricky to reproduce internally so for those of you that encounter it, please continue to report the issue and capture any video or screens if you can.
  • Syringes and Shield Cells sometimes healing twice as much as intended.
    • We have a fix for this that we’re planning to include in an upcoming server patch.
  • Texture not showing when looking down 2X site.
  • Players appearing invisible during a match.
  • Mirage clones sometimes appearing behind the player and die prematurely.

According to Respawn, next week is when they’ll talk about the L-Star weapon, and some of the meta changes coming in Season 2, which was revealed at EA Play this past weekend.

Source: Reddit