Apex Legends Leaving Early Penalty to Be Implemented Soon, Accidentally Included in Yesterday’s Patch

apex legends leaving early penalty

Just yesterday, Respawn released a new Apex Legends patch that focused on squashing technical bugs more than anything else. While it had the unfortunate issue of erasing progression, that doesn’t seem to be the only thing that was accidentally part of the title update.

In an announcement on Reddit, Respawn mentioned that an Apex Legends leaving early penalty feature is being worked on, which was accidentally included in yesterday’s patch! Good thing it has since been remedied, but there are people who got affected by it.

We’ve Disabled the Leaving Early Penalty from apexlegends

So internally, we have been working on and testing this feature but it wasn’t our intention or plan to have it go live with the update that went out today. There was a piece of script that was missing and caused the leaving match early penalty to be turned on when it shouldn’t be. That’s why it wasn’t in the patch notes.

We updated the script, tested with QA and it’s now disabled for all platforms. We don’t have an ETA for if or when this would come out for real. Apologies for the confusion.

For those who got affected by this, is this a change you’re looking forward to or just something that will make you play the game less?

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