Apex Legends Twitch Prime Members Can Snag a Skin for Pathfinder and 5 Apex Packs Right Now

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If you haven’t turned on your platform of choice to play some Apex Legends today, you might not have noticed the latest announcement from Respawn for Twitch Prime members. Starting today, Apex Legends Twitch prime members can gran an exclusive Omega Point skin for Pathfinder, and a supply drop of five Apex Packs!

Here’s the announcement splash screen that’ll greet you when you log in:

Note that this Apex Legends Twitch Prime reward can only be granted to one account. Once you’ve connected your account, and logged in to the game, you’ll automatically receive the rewards on the platform you’re playing.

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In other Apex Legends news, a new gun is hitting the game later today, and it’s the Havoc! Check out our first look at it right here.

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