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Apex Legends Twitch Prime Members Can Snag a Skin for Pathfinder and 5 Apex Packs Right Now News 0

News 0 If you haven’t turned on your platform of choice to play some Apex Legends today, you might not have noticed the latest announcement from Respawn for Twitch Prime members. Starting today, Apex Legends Twitch prime members can gran an exclusive Omega Point skin for Pathfinder, and a supply drop of five Apex Packs! Here’s the […]

Report: New Titanfall Battle Royale Game to Be Released This Coming Monday, Will Be F2P (Update) News 6

News 6 Update: To further add to this rumor’s legitimacy, it seems EA has trademarked “Apex Legend” and yep, you guessed it, for “computer game software.” Odds are, we’ll get a trailer later soon or something, which we’ll post if ever we do. Original Story: Who doesn’t like megaton rumors? Well, it seems we have one now […]

Titanfall 2 Update Sprints Out, Here’s What in It News 0

News 0 As reported by us the last week, the latest Titanfall 2 update is now live on all platforms! Clocking in at just 141MB, “Operation Endeavor,” which is what the patch is called, brings in new weapon skins, banners and more. Check out the full contents of the latest Titanfall 2 update. Elite Weapon Warpaints We […]

EA Says No Season Pass For Titanfall 2, DLC Maps & Modes Will Be Free News 9

News 9 Hours before the game’s official launch, Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment isn’t busy hyping fans up for ‘a great deal on all post-launch content’ for their upcoming triple-A shooter sequel. Instead, the studio has announced that Titanfall 2 will not launch with the season pass at all. All post-launch maps and modes will be free for gamers […]

Respawn Delivers Stunning Titanfall 2 Campaign Cinematic News 1

News 1 Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment are treating Titanfall 2 fans to a stunning new story trailer, mixing live action and computer animation to deliver a few minutes of highly-choreographed Pilot and Titan combat. Titanfall 2 is here on October 28 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Is Crazy Fast – Check Out The Gameplay Reveal News 5

News 5 At E3 2016, EA and Respawn Entertainment showcased some of the first multiplayer gameplay for their upcoming mech-shooter, Titanfall 2. As you can quite easily tell by the new gameplay trailer above, player mobility has been kicked up a notch as the game introduces new abilities like the grapple hook. Mix that with moves like the […]

Respawn’s Next Titanfall Game ‘Looking Fantastic,’ Will Launch By End Of March 2017 News 13

News 13 Along with BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, a “new Titanfall experience” from Respawn is on the way and is expected to launch “later in the fiscal year,” ending March 31, 2017. This comes from EA’s most recent earnings call, which dropped news on some of the company’s more exciting games in 2016 and beyond. According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, the […]

VGX 2013 – Titanfall: Respawn ‘Thinking About’ a Beta, Debuts OGRE and Stryder Titans in New Trailers News 46

News 46 Respawn Entertainment unveils a new class of Titan in the studio’s upcoming sci-fi FPS, Titanfall. The OGRE, a new Titan in production at fictional company “Hammond Robotics”, is a new type of Titan that joins the game’s playable roster of giant fighting robots which studio head Vince Zampella says is a “more heavily armored, [but] a little […]

New Titanfall Gamescom Gameplay Demo News 32

News 32 Developers Respawn Entertainment have unleashed a brand new gameplay demo for their upcoming FPS, Titanfall. The footage is coming at you straight off the Gamescom 2013 show floor where the studio is showing off the game’s Attrition Mode on a new map called Angel City. Check it out below and let us know what you think! […]

Rumor – Respawn’s First Title Exclusive to Xbox with Multiplayer Focus News 6

News 6 Former Infinity Ward head Vince Zampella and ex-employees who now make up Respawn Entertainment have been working on a new title to be published by EA for quite some time. No details of the project have been shared with the public, except for a few distorted images. However, according to a new rumor by Kotaku, the title […]

“Titan” Trademarked by Respawn Entertainment News 15

News 15 Respawn Entertainment, lead by former co-Infinity Ward head and co-creator of the Modern Warfare series, Vince Zampella, has been up to something. Recent reports indicate that the studio, now under EA publishing, has filed for the trademark “Titan,” registered on April 11.   The trademark, which can be viewed in full here, pertains to “video […]

Co-Founder Jason West Leaves Respawn Entertainment News 27

News 27 Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella announced today Jason West’s departure from the company. In an update on their official website, Zampella wrote: Jason has left Respawn to take care of some family issues. We have worked together on some amazing accomplishments over the years, starting with an early Segasoft project that never shipped. It is […]

Respawn Entertainment Will Be At E3 2013, Confirms Former Infinity Ward Head Vince Zampella News 120

News 120 Respawn Entertainment has confirmed its presence at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013. Studio head Vince Zampella confirmed via Twitter, “Yes, we will finally be at E3!” Even more interesting was his next statement, reading, “I have no intention of showing up empty handed! I can’t say anything else right now.” Respawn Entertainment is headed […]