Armored Kill Dev Wants Scout Choppers “To Be a Bigger Part of BF3,” No 2-Man Artillery Units, Mortar Tweaks and More

Our latest Battlefield 3 report looked at a few interesting bits of information regarding DICE’s upcoming DLC, Armored Kill as Lead Designer Gustav Halling answered some burning questions that hardcore BF fans are dying to know. Lucky for us, he isn’t done yet. Halling, head of the Armored Kill project, speaks more on the subject or artillery, vehicles, server issues and hints at some upcoming surprises.

In our last report, Halling mentioned that things were still up in the air in terms of artillery, though some guidelines were in place. One suggestion thrown around was the idea of 2-man artillery – a popular request for air vehicles as well. On the Battlefield 3 UK forums, Halling made it clear, “I dont want the artillery to be a 2 seater.” The rather humorous reason for this “is a well proven concept where in 1942 you drove your artillery into the perfect place and as soon as you switched to fire some noob took it and drove away with it, making you unable to use it,” according to Halling.

He did reveal that players “will not be able to drive and shoot at the same time,” however. He continued, “the way that I want you to switch between driving and shooting is that you switch stance as in a Jet when firing different weapons.” Although, “it will not require the ArmA styles since I dont see it fit the BF3 gameplay because its not a simulator,” he added. Halling also stressed the importance that players “can’t use the artillery system to span around the map spotting everything.” To him, “a goal about teamplay is that it should feel very close to how you are used to help players today, for example using soflams etc.”

When it comes to mortars, Halling explained, “I do actually like the mortar system since it docent give you a direct camera view over the area but only shows spotted or firing enemies.” However, “I do agree there should be tweaks done to it, I would like that audio spotting isn’t seen over the whole map when using a carbine etc but I can’t make any promises,” he added.

Scout helicopters were also in discussion between fans and Halling, as was earlier between fans and Senior Designer Alan Kertz. “I also love Scout helicopters and I want to see more of them. I can’t specify more atm but I want them to be a bigger part of BF3 on all SKUs,” stated Halling. So far, we’ve already seen an additional scout helicopter added to Sharqi Peninsula in the latest PS3 unannounced patch notes.

Lastly, Halling touched on the lack of Hardcore servers ever since the latest server update: “Saw some comments about adding more options to sort out Hardcore servers. I like that too and will forward to the Battlelog team.” So, hopefully, we can expect to hear more about this subject in the near future.

What are your thoughts about artillery, vehicles and the direction they should be headed in for Armored Kill?

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Source: Battlefield 3 UK Forums

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