Atomic Heart Update 1.18 for August 14 Released (Update)

Atomic Heart Update 1.18

Mundfish has released Atomic Heart update 1.18, and this once again fixes to the game with issues brought on by the Annihilation Instinct DLC. Read up on what’s new in the Atomic Heart new update patch notes for August 14.

Atomic Heart Update 1.18 Patch Notes | Atomic Heart New Update Patch Notes:

Update: Mundfish has released the patch notes and confirms the fixes to PlayStation platforms.


While the official patch notes haven’t been released yet, this patch should fix the crashing issues that’s been plaguing PlayStation gamers, which has since been acknowledged by the devs as a fix that’s incoming in a “future” update.

That’s about it. We’re on the lookout for any other changes, and we’re expecting the official patch notes to make their way out soon. Once it’s out, we’ll update the article to reflect the changes made.

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1 month ago

Unfortunately the update isn’t working as of 4pm pst on 8/14 🙁

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