Atomic Heart Update 1.16 for Aug. 2 Adds Annihilation Instinct DLC via Patch

Atomic Heart Update 1.16

Atomic Heart update 1.16 is out now for consoles and PC, and this is for patch that adds the Annihilation Instinct premium DLC! Read on for what’s new in the Atomic Heart August 2 patch notes.

Atomic Heart Update 1.16 Patch Notes | Atomic Heart Update Patch Notes:

Added Annihilation Instinct DLC

Embark on a new, mind-bending journey with the Atomic Heart: Annihilation Instinct DLC and discover the truth about NORA’s story as Major P-3 is pulled back into Facility 3826. Meet an enigmatic Professor Lebedev to figure out how to suppress the AI’s insanity and curb its annihilation instinct.

Continue the story and go on exploring Atomic Heart’s twisted, dystopian world further as you visit the Mendeleev Complex and its surrounding swamps, a completely new area. Take on unhinged machines, shape-shifting new enemies and a brand-new boss. Unlock two new weapons: the Secateur – a ranged weapon with 2 firing modes – and the Klusha – a melee weapon that can slash and pierce! Finally, get the edge and survive by enhancing your polymeric glove with the new Technostasis ability, allowing you to manipulate time itself.


  1. Purchase Annihilation Instinct separately or as part of the Atomic Pass*;
  2. Start the game, then select and launch DLC** through the New Game menu of the game’s main screen.

*The Atomic Pass allows you to expand your Atomic Heart experience and receive four unique DLCs opening up access to new areas and labs, as well as new weapons, new enemies, bosses, an exclusive skin for your glove and more! The Atomic Pass is also included in Atomic Heart’s Gold and Premium Editions.
**This content requires the base game Atomic Heart on your platform in order to play.

That’s about it. No gameplay-related changes were shared but if we spot any, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Steam

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Sophia d
Sophia d
1 month ago

I have the game pass version and bought the dlc separately but I can’t access it. Any ideas?

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