Marvel’s Avengers Game Will Feature Up to 4-Player Co-Op, an “Ever-Expanding” World

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While we  we already know that Square Enix’s Avengers game (officially titled Marvel’s Avengers) will finally be unveiled at E3 2019, more details regarding the game have surfaced, and it confirms quite a few things about the game.

Posted on the official E3 site, but has since been pulled, the description below (via Reddit) mentions how the game will feature single-player and up to four-player co-op! Yes, the Avengers game multiplayer is now confirmed! As if there was any doubt, right? I mean the Avengers are known as a team and all that.

avengers game multiplayer

Not only is multiplayer confirmed, but it also mentions how players will be able to customize their heroes, and will need to combine powers to defend an “ever-expanding” world under constant threat, which means there most likely is a heavy online component to it as well.

The wait won’t be long now, Marvel fans should keep an eye out on this game and whether it’ll deliver on its promise, and be the Avengers game everyone has been dreaming about ever since the first team-up movie came out.