Square Enix Avengers Game Officially Titled “Marvel’s Avengers,” and Will Be Revealed at E3

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After being announced back in E3 2017 as the “Avengers Project,” we’ve heard virtually nothing from Square Enix regarding the game. Well, it seems this will change very soon as the Avengers PS4, Xbox One title will get its full reveal at E3 2019!

Announced via the official Avengers Twitter account, we now have the game’s official title, and it’s none other than “Marve’s Avengers,” which kind of anticlimactic, but then again, it’s not unusual given Sony’s Spider-Man PS4 game was plainly titled “Marvel’s Spider-Man.”

It’s also using the hashtag #PlayAvengers,” which is something people should look out for on social media. Given that Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are both working on the game, it’s understandable to assume that this will be a big-budget, AAA title, that should showcase what Square Enix has been working on all this time.

What do you hope to see from Marvel’s Avengers? With the big-time names working on the project, I’m expecting to be blown away come June 10.