Back 4 Blood New Characters to Be Tied to DLC, No Plans for More PvP Content

Back 4 Blood Update 1.06

For fans of Turtle Rock Studios’ Back 4 Blood, Studio co-founder and Creative Director Phil Robb just held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) regarding the game to ring in the new year, and it’s full of new info! Robb talks about Back 4 Blood new characters, whether there’s more PvP content being developed, new difficulty mode possibilities and more!

To make the questions and answers more palatable, we’ve compiled the important ones and formatted ’em to be a text-only version. Enjoy, zombie hunters!

Back 4 Blood January 2022 AMA – New Characters, New Weapons, Future PvP Content and More Discussed:

Q: Is there a possibility of adding new weapons, wether it be via DLC or a free content drop. Such as a lever action shotgun or a bow? I love B4B. And there is a sizable arsenal. I just wish it.could be expanded upon more.

Robb: I’ll probably get yelled at for this but fuck it, yes, there will be new weapons.

Q: Hey Phil Robb,

Thank you to you and the rest of Turtle Rock for putting together such a fantastic game! Here’s my list of questions:

  • I’ve really been enjoying unlocking the customizations but would love to see more. Can you tell us about future possibilities when it comes to cosmetics? Are emotes something that is being considered?
  • Are there any plans to sell a squeaky turtle toy? I want one!
  • If you could add or fix one thing with the game “magically” (as in, it just works magically suddenly without having to work at it) – what one thing would you choose to add or fix and why?
  • There’s been a lot of comparisons to L4D (1 & 2) by some in the community. Personally, I find them unfair due to B4B being a new release vs L4D being a finalized game. Is there anything you’d like to say to those that are making those sort of

Robb: Thank YOU for your support!

  • The only thing I can really say at this point is that more cosmetics are coming. We’ve got some fun stuff in the works. Emotes are not currently planned.
  • Great idea for a merch item!
  • Can I only have one thing? I’m one of those people that would try and figure out how to maximize wishes when I was a kid… I wish for an infinite number of wishes!
  • I think it’s fair to make comparisons. B4B builds on a lot of what we learned on L4D. We expected it, and in some ways invited it. They both share the same DNA so comparisons are inevitable. It was a risk too. We knew it would set expectations high, but fuck it! Dare to be great, right!? We’ve always been about challenging ourselves. It was a lot of pressure, but you need pressure to make diamonds.
    Look, for the record, Chris, myself and the rest of the guys from the original TRS team are immensely proud of our work on L4D. We were intimately involved in the conception of that game and we aren’t going to shy away from it. At the end of the day only a handful of people can say they were there when that seed was planted.
    That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a lot of very talented people that contributed greatly to the success of that product. TRS was a team of 11 people at the time, no way we could have pulled it off on our own. It would not have been the success that it was without Valve’s support. They took our rough diamond and polished the fuck out of it.
    With that out of the way… I’d also say that it’s okay to love them both! Our purpose was never to replace L4D. We were just happy to have the opportunity to dive back into a space that we dearly love! It’s okay to like one and not the other! I love them both but its okay if you don’t! I’ll be the first to admit that there are areas that we weren’t quite able to recreate the magic of L4D, but other areas where we surpassed it. I do know that we have a solid foundation to build on and the future looks bright for Back 4 Blood.

Q: When should we expect the first bunch of new cards? (None Burn Cards)

As I’m sure many people are excited to get new cards that can really change the way you play the game.

Also when you do plan to release new cards how many should we expect? (I feel like 10-30 is a good amount but perhaps you plan to try and keep card numbers low?)

Robb: All I can say at this point is that new cards are coming.

Q: Will there other weapons besides the ones we have like maybe a gernade launcher and a chainsaw

Robb: No spoilers but… yes, there will be new weapon types.

Q: Hello TRS! I love this game! Would it be possible to have the option to delete the starter deck or at least be given the option to add 10 additional cards to the 5 already preselected that way we can utilize 8 full decks? Also, while on the topic, is there any talk of having more than 8 decks total? Thank you for reading!

Robb: Yep. We are planning to raise the number of decks you can have saved. I’m not sure about the starter decks. Brandon might be able to give more info.

Q: Hey! Just wanna say love the game and just wanted to ask when new characters get added will they be exclusive to season pass holders or can players unlock them?

Robb: Thank you! We love that you love the game!

New characters will be tied to those DLC drops, so you will need to own the DLC to be able to use those characters. You won’t necessarily have to own the season pass, you will be able to buy the DLC on it’s own when it comes out.

Q: Is there any plans for more pvp content besides swarm?

Robb: Not currently.

Q: not here to make any drama or being ”rude”, but how did you guys feel about Tencent buying your studios..?

Robb: We would not have done the deal if we didn’t see value in it.

Tencent brings a lot of things to the relationship that we have had to do without for a long time. Resources that will allow us to grow the team and make better games. Strong financial backing that provides a level of stability that we’ve never had as an independent. This isn’t the first time we been approached by someone looking to acquire, but it’s the first time we were offered a deal that we felt offered us the opportunity to keep our culture, and improve the studio across the board.

Q: Is there anything you wish could’ve been added but just couldn’t happen for whatever reason?​

What do you personally think are the strengths and weaknesses of this game?​

Will there ever be a ranked mode for swarm?​

Is there any plasn for an alternate swarm game mode?

Robb: There are a ton of things that we wanted to do but weren’t able to fit into the schedule. I have a pretty extensive list that I update almost every time I play.

Everyone on the team would likely have a different view of strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I really enjoy the card aspects of the game (Honestly, I was skeptical at first), the guns feel great, mowing down the hordes is very satisfying, and I love being in this world. I also love that there is enough stuff to find that it’s worth exploring the environment.
I’ll also be the first to admit that we’ve got some rough edges that need smoothed out. There are areas that need more polish and that really bugs the shit out of me. It’s something that I’m always pushing on.

There are no plans for ranked or alternate swarm at this time.

Q: Will you be adding a more detailed stats page for users? We all know about the file and I’ve recently found a leaderboard that shows the info. It’s kinda buggy though and it’s getting bogged down now that I shared it. If the game is saving all these stats, why not include them into the game. I know I love looking at my stats and getting all the zwats is a pain without seeing progress. Especially for console players since we can’t get the file easily.

There was a tweet that the Christmas event ends on the 11th. Does that mean we will be getting a update like December / November? Or is this just to end the event? Since the holidays probably had limited staff, should we expect a smaller update compared to Decembers?

Phantom Shots, when will I be able to love the tac again?

Any kind of info on the harder difficulty? I loved the challenge from old nightmare. I understand the need to change things and I’m in a small minority.

Any word on fixing waiting out the timer for extra cards? It’s annoying having to wait for people to exploit in both pve and pvp. Especially act 1.

Is there a reason why blocked players are just perma muted and can still matchmake with you?

Are we going to get more in game lore related things? I would not even mind collectibles!

Have you guys thought about adding games modifiers like halo skulls to the hidden trophies around the maps?

Robb: Stats- We want to and we’re trying to find space for it. No promises unfortunately, but we do think it would add a lot of value.

The holiday stuff will just end via server side update. It’s not associated with a whole client patch.

Currently working on the ghost bullets issue… it’s in test at the moment.

We’re working on the new difficulty right now.

I’ll come back later and see if I can answer the rest… time’s a ticking…

Q: Can you tell us anything about the new cleaners coming out? Will they have interactions with the o.g. cleaners like the base game? Are we getting more voice lines? How much interaction does the team have with their VA?

Robb: No spoilers!

They will haver interactions with the o.g. cleaners.

There is new v.o. in the works! Not sure when it’ll be out yet though.

Our writing team interacts with the voice actors a lot.

Now that’s a lot of new info regarding Back 4 Blood in just the first week of 2022, no? In other Turtle Rock Studios news, the studio has been acquired by mega-corporation Tencent, which was announced a couple of weeks ago.

In case you haven’t bought Back 4 Blood yet, our review gave it an excellent thumbs up score of 8.5/10, and mentioned how fun the co-op aspect was, and how aried the zombie enemy types are.

Source: Reddit

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ゼロ シキ
1 year ago

Why are we setting the precedent that games shouldn’t be fully released at launch ? L4D is a fully release game and B4B should’ve been, too. Every game should be fully developed before launch. This is how you end with Fallout 76s and Cyberpunk 2077s, instead of RDR2s. It’s ridiculous how far the gaming industry has fallen.

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