Battefield 2042 Spawns Tweak “No Active Plans” to Change, 3 Unreleased Maps Surface

Battlefield 2042 Down

If you’re not a fan of the Battlefield 2042 spawns in maps, well, you’re probably going to have to live with it, as it seems DICE is not actively working on it, though they are reviewing it.

This was confirmed by Battlefield Community Manager Straatford87 over on the EA Answers forums where he posted the following response to a fan:

Bear in mind, not in active development doesn’t mean that we won’t see it come to fruition at all. I mean, they are reviewing it and all that, no?

Speaking of spawns and maps. more unreleased Battlefield 2042 maps have been unearthed! Once again spotted by ace Battlefield dataminer temporyal, take a look at Drained, Lights Out and Dock Lands.

Given we don’t know anything about these maps outside of their data files being in the game, these could be cancelled maps that were once in development, planned content in the coming seasons, or something in between. There is no guarantee that we’ll see these maps come to the game, so don’t count on these three to surface anytime soon. Other stuff that were unearthed before were unreleased weapons and air vehicles, and even Christmas-themed skins, too.

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Mark K Cunningham
1 year ago

Since the newest update a good portion of us are experiencing major lag on all maps and servers. This really should be addressed!

1 year ago

Lol nobody believes anything they say anymore. They pretty much missed their opportunity to fix even the smallest issues. They know what they did and they’re not going to do anything about it.

1 year ago

new maps and guns wont get people to play. The basegame of an fps game, the gunplay is completely terrible. Recoil is the exact for every weapon. Whats the point of having different guns when the only difference is how much ammo it has vs the other? Guns with more ammo like an smg or lmg win 10/10 vs everything else. Lousy devs, lousy gameplay, this game was designed by a negative iq pleb and everybody agrees, theres no depth.

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