Battlefield 2042 Unreleased Christmas Skins, First Image for Unreleased Map Surfaces

Battlefield 2042 Unreleased Christmas Skins

Remember last year when a datamine unearthed a Santa Claus skin for Battlefield 2042? While that skin never saw the light of day due to fan backlash, it looks like DICE had more Christmas-themed cosmetics planned, as more Battlefield 2042 unreleased Christmas skins have been unearthed!

Spotted by ace Battlefield dataminer temporyal, there are seven unreleased Battlefield 2042 Christmas skins that are for Specialistsm weapons and even vehicles!

In addition to the unreleased skins, temporyal has also unearthed the first image of a unreleased BF2042 map called “Exposure.”

Here’s a higher-res image:

There is a possibility that Exposure is one of the maps set to be released in Season 1, which is set to be released in “early summer.” As for something more recent, the planned 3.3 update is poised to hit this March! Here’s DICE’s explanation on the patch deployment delay.

Would you have preferred that DICE release the Christmas-themed skins or are you glad they didn’t see the light of day? As for the map, let’s hope it’s one of the many free content drops planned for the game.

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