Battlefield 2042 Teams Working on Issues at the Very Core of Feedback; More Transparency on Top Issues

Battlefield 2042 Core Feedback

While DICE has announced that Battlefield 2042 players should expect a patch to be released sometime in March, some might still feel that the communication we’re getting from DICE and Ripple Effect Studios still aren’t enough given how many issues the shooter has. Thankfully, someone working on the game is aware of this, and have commented on it.

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Over on Twitter, Justin Wiebe, Senior Design Director at Ripple Effect mentioned that the dev team is working on more clarity and transparency regarding the top issues the devs are handling.

In another tweet, Wiebe refrained from answering a fan whether fans should expect any Battlefield 4 or BF1 content in Battlefield Portal in the future, though did confirmed that the dev teams are “heads down” workong on the issues at the very “core” of the feedback fans have been vocal about.

This is definitely good news, though I’m hoping that both DICE and Ripple Effect would be a bit quicker in communicating with the player base, and maybe in how they dish out patches? I mean, one patch per month surely won’t cut it given the amount of issues they have to fix. If you factor in that DICE might possibly be “rebuilding” Battlefield 2042 as it has on its other shooters, then surely, communication should be more open, and game updates more frequent, no?

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