Battlefield 2042 Teams Working on Issues at the Very Core of Feedback; More Transparency on Top Issues

Battlefield 2042 Season 1

While DICE has announced that Battlefield 2042 players should expect a patch to be released sometime in March, some might still feel that the communication we’re getting from DICE and Ripple Effect Studios still aren’t enough given how many issues the shooter has. Thankfully, someone working on the game is aware of this, and have commented on it.

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Over on Twitter, Justin Wiebe, Senior Design Director at Ripple Effect mentioned that the dev team is working on more clarity and transparency regarding the top issues the devs are handling.

In another tweet, Wiebe refrained from answering a fan whether fans should expect any Battlefield 4 or BF1 content in Battlefield Portal in the future, though did confirmed that the dev teams are “heads down” workong on the issues at the very “core” of the feedback fans have been vocal about.

This is definitely good news, though I’m hoping that both DICE and Ripple Effect would be a bit quicker in communicating with the player base, and maybe in how they dish out patches? I mean, one patch per month surely won’t cut it given the amount of issues they have to fix. If you factor in that DICE might possibly be “rebuilding” Battlefield 2042 as it has on its other shooters, then surely, communication should be more open, and game updates more frequent, no?

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2 years ago

2042 is dead on arrival. Leave it dead. A long time battlefield player, and now a never again anything EA publishes or produces due to their negligence. I signed the petition and I support a class action lawsuit against EA. If only to hurt them financially, to compensate for the hurt I feel for my beloved Battlefield.

Reply to  Psychsoulman
2 years ago

You do realize it’s developed by DICE and only published by EA, don’t you? You should sue DICE first for their poor development of the game. Of course EA is also responsible for allowing such a crack game to even be published. I don’t know what criteria they set for games to get published but clearly EA team doesn’t know what the standard for a shooter game is, even more so for a Battlefield series.

But yes, 2042 is now a dead game title and they literally tarnished what was an excellent opportunity with so much anticipation from the community for this game by rushing the release date just so it can compete with the Call of Duty Vanguard release.

I stopped playing Battlefield ever since BF4 came out and that was the turning point for the series in my opinion.

2 years ago

They need to be more forthcoming about what’s being done, and when players can expect things to be updated on the game.

The fact the game released in as shoddy state as it was, there is no excuse for it. At this point, EA/DICE needs to refund everyone who bought the game, to build some goodwill to the players they crapped all over.

2 years ago

Short of a complete overhaul that would remove the specialists and add all the BF features that are missing, 2042 is dead to the community. Their efforts would be better served working on a game that BF fans want, anything they do for 2042 will be in vain.

Brendon Cramer
Reply to  Suicidal1
2 years ago

Thats what iv been saying to DICE over like a 1000 times is ro remove all the specialists add some classes ok and add all the battlefield features that are missing from bf4 and bf3

Kaleb Adams
2 years ago

They aren’t going to work on the things that we the players have actually commented on. They will leave the specialists whenever we all have wanted our classes back. They are going to do the least amount possible just to scrape by, just as they did with release. It is pathetic what Battlefield has turned into; just a knockoff Call of Duty Warzone and a money grab.

2 years ago

Saying that there are a lot of issues to fix and therefore there should be more frequent patch releases shows a clear lack of understanding of software development.

Each patch release comes with the overhead of testing, packaging and deployment (and others not mentioned) and those tasks can consume significant effort. Releasing more frequently leaves you with less time to put towards actually fixing the bugs. It becomes a question of finding the best balance between consolidating release overhead and not delaying new bug fixes for too long.

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