EA on Battlefield 2042: DICE Used to Rebuilding Games, Has Been Able to Do It “A Number of Times Now”

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Are you disappointed with how Battlefield 2042 turned out after years of waiting? Yeah, you’re not the only one, as even EA admitted that the game didn’t meet expectations for them, too. With how late Season 1 is being timed to roll out, could EA be planning a relaunch of sorts for BF2042?

While not outright confirming or stating it, EA CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned in EA’s latest quarterly financials call that DICE, as much as he hates to admit it, is used to rebuilding their own games, and re-engaging their community.

Yeah. So, I think that, you remember coming into the launch, the demand measures were very high, influence for us. The core underlying created for the game still has really strong demand around it. And we — as I mentioned, we had some challenges around stability, particularly on high end PC machines and performance and there were some design decisions, but not all the community really agreed with. And so our focus right now is to really go back in and make sure we get that stuff right.

And as much as I hate to admit it, DICE’s the studio that has been able to do this a number of times now and really go back and rebuild at the core and reengage the community, as long as we do that in conjunction with a committee. That’s what that studio was so great at doing.

So I think the combination of DICE with the new leadership and a strong vision for the future, we will build out the core, we will reengage the community and we will manifest that demand that we saw coming into launch over the course of time. – Andrew Wilson, EA CEO

Wilson does have a point. Aside from Battlefield V, DICE has also been able to weather Star Wars Battlefront 2’s rocky start, and after numerous free game updates, managed to turn things around. Of course, it took some time to do that, but still, it is doable. Again, Wilson didn’t outright confirm that DICE is going to relaunch Battlefield 2042, but from his words, it does come off that way (at least for me).

However, it bears mentioning the fact that DICE needs to do this for their games speaks volumes on their direction as well, no? Heck, it’s rare that a game needs to be relaunched in the first place, and the fact that a studio might be trying it for a third time? Well, you might want to ask why they need to do it in the first place.

Source: Seeking Alpha (login required)

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