Battlefield 2042 February 3.3 Update Delayed to March to “Improve Quality of Updates”

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Back in January, DICE announced that Battlefield 2042 players would be getting a refreshed scoreboard and more in patch 3.3, which is scheduled for release in “mid to late” February. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen this month. Included in today’s hotfix roll out is the announcement that the Battlefield 2042 February 3.3 update is being delayed to “early March.”

Here’s the announcement by DICE:

Our next Update after todays Hotfix will now roll out in early March. This is a change from our last messaging to you all on it’s intended release.

The extra time will help to ensure we improve the quality of our Updates, and include additional changes.

This is a bummer to hear for sure. Of course, given how there are issues connected to the patches DICE rolls out, this might be for the best. I mean, who’d want to have issues brought in by new patches that should be fixing issues in the first place, right?

In other Battlefield 2042 news, EA has admitted that the game failed to meet expectations. However, the publisher also believes DICE can turn things around since they’ve done it numerous times before.

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