Battlefield 2042 Community Manager Explains Why Reddit Is Avoided; “No Value” in Pretending It’s a Constructive Environment

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Just yesterday, we reported that a Battlefield 2042 dev has mentioned that the teams are working on being more transparent on the game’s top issues to the community. It looks like that outside of this, more communication from DICE is happening already.

BattlefieldĀ  Global Commmunity Manager Adam Freeman (also known as PartWelsh on both Twitter and Reddit), has commented on why he, along with other members of the dev team, have stopped replying and communicating on the game’s subreddit.

As for the tweet, it leads to this:

In addition to those statements, Freeman has also answered some of the questions Battlefield fans have regarding communication, and states that there is “no value in pretending” that the subreddit is a constructive environment.

However, this doesn’t mean that Freeman or the people at DICE aren’t sensitive to the plight of Battlefield 2042 players, it’s just that some redditors have seemingly resorted to death threats (?!), personal insults and whatnot to attack the devs because of the game.

While it’s unfortunate that Freeman and the rest of the devs at DICE have stopped being active on the game’s subreddit, given how hostile and toxic the subreddit has been, I don’t really blame them. Heck, it’s been so bad that the mods have even contemplated closing it entirely.

Look, I get it; a ton of people are disappointed at how Battlefield 2042 turned out. Even we are disappointed, which is made evident in our review. But hurling personal attacks — especially death threats — are never OK. At the end of the day, the devs and everyone working on the game are still people, and doing these idiotic things is just making things worse, and not to mention harmful to their mental health. Criticizing a game or a studio is fine, but death threats? Personal insults? Yeah, that’s never fine.

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