Battlefield 2042 Subreddit Close to Locking Down Due to Toxicity to Devs, Among Community

Battlefield 2042 Subreddit

If you’re a Battlefield fan, chances are you’ve heard how Battlefield 2042 has failed to live up to the hype since it launched in November last year. With the disappointment from the community — and DICE’s shortcomings when it comes to communications — it’s understandable that some people will be upset. Well, in regards to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, that upsetment seems to have been a little too much for the mods.

Over on the official Battlefield 2042 subreddit, the mod team issued the following message, which include options or consequences on what would happen if the toxicity continued:

Over the past few days we have seen insults, harassment and vile comments directed towards members of our community and DICE employees. We are making this statement to give you fair warning that we will not tolerate this anymore. We are letting you know what your options are in regards to how this subreddit functions in coming days.

It’s an understatement when we say that this subreddit has grown incredibly toxic. It’s near impossible to have a simple discussion without insults being flung around at each other – and it’s really starting to harm the entire Battlefield community, and each of us that are part of it. We mods have always been very laid back as far as moderation goes – we try our best to let everyone’s voice be heard, no matter how upset or angry, but we’ve always been of the position that insults or harassment directed to any individual will never be tolerated. We’ll do whatever it takes to drive that sort of toxicity down. If it means shutting down for a period of time, we will. The mods have an obligation to follow the rules set out by Reddit, and if we are found to be in breach of not enforcing them, or doing a poor job at enforcing them, we risk the community getting banned altogether.

With that said, here are the options we are considering:

Option 1) If toxicity goes down, we will leave the subreddit open without further restrictions.

Option 2) If toxicity stays at current levels, we will begin locking threads early, on a majority of posts.

Option 3) If toxicity increases, we will lockdown the subreddit for a period of time.

Yes, the last two options seem nuclear, and we don’t want to use them, but we said we will do whatever it takes to drive the current toxicity down. If that means you can’t comment in the majority of posts, or you can’t view the subreddit for a period of time, we will go down that route.

The choice is in your hands. If you don’t like the options available to you, you are welcome to unsubscribe and create your own community outlet.

As you can see, the unbridled toxicity has become too much for the mod team that locking down the entire subreddit is a real possibility, which is quite similar to the Halo subreddit fiasco that happened last month, though that subreddit’s lockdown did push through.

In other Battlefield 2042 news, the franchise’s new Narrative Director has commented publicly on how he wants to fix the game, though admits that it won’t be easy.

If you’re active on the BF2042 subreddit, are you in agreement that the toxicity has been a bit too much? Or does the game (and in connection, the devs) deserve it due to how BF2042 panned out?

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1 year ago

They literally mocked and robbed us. Someone still has not understood that they should not play with other people’s money, otherwise people get pissed off and rightly so.

Just a guy
Reply to  andrea
1 year ago

Yep. Harassing devs because you chose to buy their video game when a $5 trial was available is justified. Harassing other players and being toxic to them whenever they post because they’re actually enjoying the game is totally justified too. Reddit people are always right in their actions and their toxicity is always brought on by a third party who wronged them and is completely fine.

“Criticism” is different than “being a jerk to everyone constantly”, which is where that cesspool reddit board is at currently.

Reply to  Just a guy
1 year ago

I didn’t say it’s right to harass developers and players, I just said that often the issue is used out of proportion to silence any form of sensible and civil criticism. The 5$ trial here in Europe has never existed and I have never heard of it. The fact remains that many people have made the pre-purchase, paid a lot of money and ended up with an incomplete game and very different from what was promised. Where I come from, this attitude is called a scam and I don’t understand why something like this, easily provable, should take second place to accusations of harassment, which are often out of the blue and all to be proven. 

1 year ago

I wouldn’t say ALL criticism against DICE and EA is justified, but they definitely brought it upon themselves, releasing the game in the sorry state it’s in. Branding core features like Scoreboards, VoIP and Classes as “Legacy” content. People like Mr McNamara shouldn’t be involved in communications of any kind, if this is his response to the (somewhat) justified critique.

Charging full price for a game, and giving us less than half, and then acting all shocked why we might be upset about it… Do better EA! Do better. As for shutting down the subreddit, you don’t promote less vitriol and toxicity, by not allowing such to take place. People who want to vent are gonna vent, whether it’s on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook or any other outlet. You reduce toxicity, by addressing the reason of the toxicity. Maybe take into consideration some of the commentary from the community, fixing things, changing things for the better.

This isn’t the first Battlefield title that DICE has released in a sub-par state, and unless things change, it won’t be the last. Maybe next time people will be clued in on DICE history over the past few games, and not be so readily willing to buy their games. I played every Battlefield since start, and 2042 is the first one where I really can’t feel motivated to play (despite paying for the Gold version, on a limited budget).

Just a guy
Reply to  ThisWay1701
1 year ago

I love seeing the Reddit bros coming to every website mentioning this to defend themselves. Just stop being jerks and over the top toxic 100% of the time just because a video game isn’t as incredible as you wanted.

Also, if you’re on a limited budget then why didn’t you get EA Play for $5 and try the game before buying? That’s on you, my man. Not EA or DICE.

Reply to  Just a guy
1 year ago

“reddit bros”

I barely frequent that place. I’m saying DICE should expect some pushback from their customers, who feel cheated out of a product they paid good money for. To blame a community for being toxic, while you refuse to engage in meaningful discussions with said community, will only fuel further toxicity. They are literally adding fuel to the fire they claim they want extinguished.

I played the Beta (as I have done in many previous Battlefield games), and having 20-20 hindsight, knowing things would get better. I knew DICE would eventually get around to fixing the issues I encountered during Beta. The fact the game’s now been out for 4 months, with no major updates or content releases, with the game mostly being dead, that’s entirely on them.

Andrew Mycoskie
1 year ago

so, DICE can be a toxic oppression to the game, ruin all the core functions of the game in the name of progressive political correctness, but its customers cannot be toxic in return to those decisions?

im sorry, but no.

DICE removed VOIP based on gender reasons?

Chat is censored down to Y7 Rated levels, you could not even say NOOB in BFV without it getting censored! No Global Chat should a friend join your game session but did not join your squad and got put on the other team. No Global Chat for bantering the enemy…….

No Flight Stick or HOTAS Support to give crossplay a “fair game”? War is NOT FAIR. and since X-Play is OPTIONAL, a console player who joins in with X-Play enabled should automatically be assuming that they are playing against PC Players with fully functional and highly superior setups, and EXPECT that it will pose a challenge to them for air assets that have full control capabilities.

No Global Scoreboard to give players a competitive edge to earn the right to be the top player of the round? What is this?

No Squad or Team management ? Squad Leaders can no longer remove a toxic player or a troll now. and it hinders game play for the idiots who do actually troll a squad.

this is literally Snowflake Field 2024

its an ADULT RATED GAME, you should expect some toxicity at the basic levels. you should be allowed to act as an adult for an adult rated game, and if parents want to allow their children to be exposed to such ratings, dont punish the other players who know how to act by stripping out fundamental functions in the name of progressive political correctness.

Dont get me wrong, some of the content is vile and uncalled for, but DICE literally brought this upon themselves.

1 year ago

I just Feel that Toxic Humans will always be Humans.. If we look back at Battlefield 4.. It was the same.. If people can do a better job than the development team.. Well.. Hey.. Apply for a job.. And then you fix it.. It takes.. Months and years.. To create everybodys perfect world.. But.. Hey.. People want God te be here now as well so.. I say.. Stop your crap.. And let Dice… Do there work.. Leave the peeps im peace… From battlefield player.. HYOTENKS

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