Battlefield 2042 Subreddit Close to Locking Down Due to Toxicity to Devs, Among Community

Battlefield 2042 Subreddit

If you’re a Battlefield fan, chances are you’ve heard how Battlefield 2042 has failed to live up to the hype since it launched in November last year. With the disappointment from the community — and DICE’s shortcomings when it comes to communications — it’s understandable that some people will be upset. Well, in regards to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, that upsetment seems to have been a little too much for the mods.

Over on the official Battlefield 2042 subreddit, the mod team issued the following message, which include options or consequences on what would happen if the toxicity continued:

Over the past few days we have seen insults, harassment and vile comments directed towards members of our community and DICE employees. We are making this statement to give you fair warning that we will not tolerate this anymore. We are letting you know what your options are in regards to how this subreddit functions in coming days.

It’s an understatement when we say that this subreddit has grown incredibly toxic. It’s near impossible to have a simple discussion without insults being flung around at each other – and it’s really starting to harm the entire Battlefield community, and each of us that are part of it. We mods have always been very laid back as far as moderation goes – we try our best to let everyone’s voice be heard, no matter how upset or angry, but we’ve always been of the position that insults or harassment directed to any individual will never be tolerated. We’ll do whatever it takes to drive that sort of toxicity down. If it means shutting down for a period of time, we will. The mods have an obligation to follow the rules set out by Reddit, and if we are found to be in breach of not enforcing them, or doing a poor job at enforcing them, we risk the community getting banned altogether.

With that said, here are the options we are considering:

Option 1) If toxicity goes down, we will leave the subreddit open without further restrictions.

Option 2) If toxicity stays at current levels, we will begin locking threads early, on a majority of posts.

Option 3) If toxicity increases, we will lockdown the subreddit for a period of time.

Yes, the last two options seem nuclear, and we don’t want to use them, but we said we will do whatever it takes to drive the current toxicity down. If that means you can’t comment in the majority of posts, or you can’t view the subreddit for a period of time, we will go down that route.

The choice is in your hands. If you don’t like the options available to you, you are welcome to unsubscribe and create your own community outlet.

As you can see, the unbridled toxicity has become too much for the mod team that locking down the entire subreddit is a real possibility, which is quite similar to the Halo subreddit fiasco that happened last month, though that subreddit’s lockdown did push through.

In other Battlefield 2042 news, the franchise’s new Narrative Director has commented publicly on how he wants to fix the game, though admits that it won’t be easy.

If you’re active on the BF2042 subreddit, are you in agreement that the toxicity has been a bit too much? Or does the game (and in connection, the devs) deserve it due to how BF2042 panned out?

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