EA Director of Comms for Shooters Comments on Battlefield 2042 Silence; Says Expectations Are “Brutal”

Battlefield 2042 Silence

Not happy with the current state of Battlefield 2042? Eager to hear what DICE has planned for the shooter this 2022? If so, you’re not alone. While we’re just in the first week of the new year, that hasn’t stopped BF2042 players and members of the community to ask DICE and EA just what is happening with the game.

Unfortunately, some of these people might have asked in a rather not-so-nice way, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over on Twitter, Global Director of Integrated Comms for Shooters & Star Wars at EA Andy McNamara acknowledged the silence from DICE and EA, though also comments how the studio isn’t in yet, and how fan expectations are “brutal” in a now-deleted tweet:

While McNamara has a point in that DICE devs have to rest and get back from vacation, the players who purchased and are playing (or have played) Battlefield 2042 have a point as well. Communication regarding the game, future updates, and other stuff haven’t exactly been on-point, which further adds to the community’s frustration.

Do you think the community and some of the game’s players are asking a bit too much in asking for communication chatter during the holidays or in the first week of the year, or should DICE and EA have already gotten an announcement or two done already? Let us know down in the comments.

Tweet screenshot image via DANNYonPC

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