EA Director of Comms for Shooters Comments on Battlefield 2042 Silence; Says Expectations Are “Brutal”

Battlefield 2042 sales figures

Not happy with the current state of Battlefield 2042? Eager to hear what DICE has planned for the shooter this 2022? If so, you’re not alone. While we’re just in the first week of the new year, that hasn’t stopped BF2042 players and members of the community to ask DICE and EA just what is happening with the game.

Unfortunately, some of these people might have asked in a rather not-so-nice way, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over on Twitter, Global Director of Integrated Comms for Shooters & Star Wars at EA Andy McNamara acknowledged the silence from DICE and EA, though also comments how the studio isn’t in yet, and how fan expectations are “brutal” in a now-deleted tweet:

While McNamara has a point in that DICE devs have to rest and get back from vacation, the players who purchased and are playing (or have played) Battlefield 2042 have a point as well. Communication regarding the game, future updates, and other stuff haven’t exactly been on-point, which further adds to the community’s frustration.

Do you think the community and some of the game’s players are asking a bit too much in asking for communication chatter during the holidays or in the first week of the year, or should DICE and EA have already gotten an announcement or two done already? Let us know down in the comments.

Tweet screenshot image via DANNYonPC

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1 year ago

In all honesty, games should not be released if they are half baked. Plenary of people over Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook mentioned when the bata was released things that hindered gameplay. But yet this was still released. It maybe a good idea to take it off Sony store, just as they did with cyberpunk. As it’s not fair to single out one company. Many gaming companies, are continuing to publish half baked goods. As a gamer myself I find this insulting. I understand, the effort that goes into making a game to a degree, but what I don’t understand is why this continues to happen.

list of game titles that have done this or continued to do so.

-Call of duty

-No mans sky





-World of WarCraft

Just to name a few… I can’t help but wonder that theses big companies do not learn their lessons. I feel as tho more rights for gamers should be looked into. Such as 7 day money back policy. If you don’t like it and how it plays, one can get their money back. Just as you do with cloths, items etc…

Yes, their potentially could be people that buy a game play if for a few days, complete it and return it. But isn’t the aim to get people hooked on a good story? A character to fall in love with? Game play that’s adrenaline fuelled and action packed? If a game was truly that good, a gamer would not return the item.

Maybe best to employ, hardcore gamers within the community within the list above, to test theses products. Within their knowledge and gaming experience, this could be fruitful for the feedback the companies will receive. Will also bring the community together to an extent.

Jeff Merritt
1 year ago

This game definitely shouldn’t have been released. I’m not crying about my money spent. I made the conscious decision even after the beta because the Devs said it was a “different fork” of the game and that those things had been cleared up. It is the only game I buy ultimate for so it was $120 wasted. I will never make this mistake ever again.

For me this game represents the past two years in the world. A complete and utter train wreck…lol. BF is the only game I lose time with and can play for hundreds of hours. This one doesn’t give me that feeling.

There are obviously too many chiefs over at EA/DICE and they have completely screwed up the messaging with the game and completely screwed up the game itself.

I hope they can get it together enough to right this ship….but I honestly feel it’s gone terribly far off course and is headed for that iceberg…

George Taylor
Reply to  Jeff Merritt
1 year ago

I have played all the BF to date. My son got me BF 2042 for Christmas. Biggest waste of money ever. This is the glitchest game I have ever played in my entire life and I’ve been playing since before most of these people that play now were even born. With an average of 12 to 13 minutes to get on to play, that was unacceptable. Last two days Trying to get on, average 30 minutes to get on. All it says is waiting for players. I would not recommend this game to anybody, for any reason, even if it was a free game. I have lost several games due to glitches. Freezes me where I can’t move, can’t get out of the screen, or in a loop of some sort. This is a CF of the worst kind. I’m not going to ask for my money back, I know that’s a hopeless cause. But I will not ever buy another game from them.

1 year ago

Devs should rest, while management should take it on the chin for releasing a game that wasn’t ready for public consumption.

1 year ago

The problem is these issues should of been sorted before game was released. Shoddy effort from a greedy company .

1 year ago

Having voice chat & a leaderboard are now concidered brutal expectations?? Wtf is this guy on? This game is not even on par to a beta & we’re expecting too much?!

Drake M Gravely
1 year ago

We shouldn’t be having to deal with this BS to begin with. If you had listened to the fans and continued the direction in a battlefield way, and not tried to cram COD mechanics down our throat, you would be sitting on a gold mine with droves in line to purchase future expansions. We’re being brutal, because you need to know how fuc*ing serious we are about folding battlefield in with cod. You better hire more employees to catch up then, because I just uninstalled battlefield and installed cod vanguard. If I want a twitch shooter with specialists, I don’t go with BF. Quit trying to throw in excuses for the insane amount of purchasable bullshit and lazy levolutions. “We have insane, map changing levolutions”, yes, you do. And every single one is a fuc*ing tornado.

Drake M Gravely
1 year ago

Fuq this site for making it near impossible to comment.

1 year ago

“Let us get back to work!”

I’m sure players would’ve been at least much more forgiving if it was still a free beta that players hadn’t paid full price for (maybe extra for other editions). Acting like this is players’ fault.

I see his bull without having played the game after beta and haven’t purchased it. I have no stake in this.

Jordi Geerts
1 year ago

“These expectations are brutal.”

Yeah how dare people expect a game to work and a Battlefield game to play like a Battlefield game? Savages.

1 year ago

The simliest thing to have done was to add new maps to games like Battlefield 4 and extended it’s shelf life.

We didn’t need another Battlefield if it wasn’t going to have any of the features that make a Battlefield game.

They could have just reused the source code and game engine from the previous games that actually worked.

Portal should have released at a larger scale. It should not be taking an extremely long time to take maps from the previous games and add them to this one.

It is very easy to say that that the developers need rest. But there are a world of jobs that have no holidays and no vacations. In the current state of the game this isn’t a time for vacations and breaks its Crunch time and time to stop the plans of the season pass and start releasing more maps.

I don’t care as much about a scoreboard but the In Game Chat Feature should have been top priority for a cross play game.

For fan service they should release crossplay for previous Battlefield games until the game has been fixed. We have already heard that crossplay features are just a flip of the switch.

Populate other Battlefield games so players will have something to get excited about again or transfer those games maps to portal and re-enable XP

1 year ago

I used to text Battlefield expansion packs for PC back in the “old days”

Alpha testing Battlefield games was basically…us playing the game and reporting bugs, glitches, texture rendering problems……but as testers we always noticed that they usually transitioned from Alpha to Beta testing phase without a “full sweep” and we noticed that some of problems that we reported in Alpha /Beta phase testing were never actually resolved when the expansion packs released to the public.

1 year ago

Its completely unplayable, unfair and EA does nothing with the complaints. I have dozens of video clips to prove the fixes were not fixed. Glitchiest game I’ve played in 40 years

Josh Carson Browning
1 year ago

How about dont sell unfinished and broken products to the public and have accountability for you actions. Bet they dont mind spending all the peoples money they made for that over hyped underwhelming piece of garbage. They need to give full refunds to ANYONE who bought that trash and stop playing victim. Also this site is ridiculous for having a “toxic probability rating” to attempt to stifle peoples opinions

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