Battlefield 1 New Weapons Found in Datamined Files

bf1 road to bf5

Following DICE’s announcement that Battlefield 1 will be supported with monthly patches until June 2018, it seems the studio will be introducing new weapons to the game. The Battlefield 1 new weapons are part of a datamine of the game’s files, which means they are in the game’s code.

Check out the six new Battlefield 1 weapons below.

  • Fedorov Degtyarev prototype automatic rifle
  • Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine
  • Single Action Service Revolver
  • Thompson Annihilator prototype SMG
  • Thompson M1919 prototype SMG
  • Winchester Burton LMR (Light Machine Rifle)

Note that there’s no guarantee that these weapons will make their way into the game at all. These might be leftover code or something, but chances are, this should make its way into onto players’ hands. We’ve already gotten free maps, so why not more free weapons, no?

Source: VG247

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