Battlefield 2021 Cryptic Short Clips Being Sent Out to Content Creators

battlefield 2021

While Battlefield 2021 isn’t set to be formally revealed until June 9, EA has started the hype train by sending out messages to content creators yesterday over on Twitter. Even if it’s the weekend, that hasn’t stopped, as short garbled video clips are being sent out now by the official Battlefield Twitter account!

YouTuber Westie has tweeted a 10-second clip on what looks to be a blurred video, which he guesses is a chopper:

Other content creators got one as well, which seems to feature a different short clip:

People are getting new clips in their DM’s, helis, buildings, etc from Battlefield6

We’re sure other content creators got sent messages too, though we can’t say if they’re the same clips or something different. Hopefully, the Battlefield community can figure it out, and once they do, we’ll be sure to let our readers know what’s been unearthed from these clips.

Chances are, we’ll be getting teases and whatnot almost everyday — if not everday — until the official reveal trailer drops. If that happens, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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