Battlefield 2042 Controller Settings Affect Mouse Functionality Confirmed, DICE Comments on Mouse Input Issues

Battlefield 2042 mouse

While DICE might have fixed the Battlefield 2042 aim assist issues for controller users, it seems there’s another bug that’s still in the game, and this is an odd one. It seems the adjusting the controller settings in the game affects mouse functionality!

This was proven to be legit over on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit where a video showcasing this was uploaded:

Proof that controller settings effect mouse functionality (Thanks u/Jlinz_20 for this incredible find) from battlefield2042

Needless to say, the Battlefield 2042 community is not happy with this. 

Continuing with the mouse-related BF2042 news, Kevin Johnson (posting as T0TALfps), Battlefield Community Manager, posted a response on Discord regarding mouse input issues in the game.

Official comment on mouse input. from battlefield2042

Hopefully, DICE can fix these mouse-related issues in the game, even if it takes multiple updates to do so. Speaking of issues, a loadout-related bug has surfaced in the game after yesterday’s patch 1.2 roll out. 

Once we know more regarding the fixes included in the next title update, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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