Battlefield 2042 Delay Is “Smoothing Out Rough Edges;” Dog Tags Will Appear in Some Form

Battlefield 2042 Delay

While a developer at DICE has mentioned that the Battlefield 2042 delay doesn’t mean that the game is in trouble. another developer from studio has spoken out a bit about the game’s pushed release date as well.

Frederik Drabert, a game designer at DICE, answered a fan on Twitter where he was asked to described the state of the game, to which Drabert mentioned that it was more of “smoothing out the rough edges.”

Now, for those wondering what happened to the dog tags, it seems we’ll still see it in one form or another, though not the same way as before, as DICE Community Manager Kevin Johnson has already confirmed that the Player Cards are replacing dog tags (wherein the killed player in-game will see the dog tag of their killer in previous games).

Johnson confirmed that we’ll see dog tags, though mentions that more will be revealed at a later date.

My take? I think Player Cards (based on what we’ve seen so far), does indeed offer more personalization compared to dog tags. That said, getting dog tags from performing a melee takedown is a very awesome feeling as well. I gather, doing melee takedowns will still mean that we’ll get a particular player’s dog tags, though we have to wait for more info about it.

In other BF2042 news, EA has confirmed that crossplay parties won’t be available in the upcoming beta, though it will be available at the game’s launch.

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