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battlefield 2042 dm7

Enjoying Battlefield 2042 so far? If so, we have quite a few guides up that may help you enjoy it all the more. In this latest one, we take a look at the DM7, one of the DMRs (designated marksman rifles) in Battlefield 2042, and how it stacks against other weapons in the same class.

Big thanks to Sorang for her comprehensive testing for this guide.

Battlefield 2042 DM7 Gun Guide:


Base = 35 ~ 26

Headshots = 66.5 ~ 49.4

Fire rate = 300 RPM

The Fire Power stat isn’t a damage of a weapon!

2. BTK (bullets to kill)
Armor Base 1 Headshot 2 Headshots
Base 3 ~ 4 2 ~ 3 2 ~ 3
Armor Plate 4 ~ 5 3 ~ 4 2 ~ 3

One Armor Plate adds 20 Health to an Infantry, giving you 120 Health in total.

Compared to the damage profile for other DMRs, DM7 isn’t impressive at all.

Its headshot efficiency isn’t that good either.

3. Range


The range on DM7 is longer than that on an AR or an LMG, of course. But I feel like it’s still too short, considering it’s meant to be used for a mid to long range combat.

On the contrast, the range on SVK is extremly long that I couldn’t even measure it on the portal map I was testing on.

4. TTK (time to kill)
Armor Base 1 Headshot 2 Headshots
Base 400ms ~ 600ms 200ms ~ 400ms 200ms ~ 400ms
Armor Plate 600ms ~ 800ms 400ms ~ 600ms 200ms ~ 400ms

TTK on this gun is so high that you basically have to pray that your opponent in a shoot-off will miss shots even when you’re being perfectly accurate, or you’re going to lose every time.

However, as you are all aware, a majority of weapons in the game currently have an awful spread radius. This might make DM7 a bit more viable.

5. Recoil

The recoil on DM7 is okay, but horizontally might be a problem beyond a certain distance.

One thing to keep in mind is that a DMR gets extremely inaccurate when firing while moving. Make sure you’re standing still when firing this gun.

6. Attachments
  • SilencerThe silencer doesn’t actually reduce DM7’s range. It does, however, reduce its damage by 10%. It increases the overall BTK by 1, making the TTK significantly slower.
  • High Power Ammunition – With this attachment, the range on DM7 extends up to more than 300m, just like SVK’s, which wasn’t really possible to measure on the portal map I was testing on. However, with a slower fire rate, the TTK on the DM7 gets painfully long. While the range does go up a good chunk, where this gun already suffers from TTK problems, I highly suggest you avoid this attachment.
  • Close Combat Ammunition – This ammunition reduces the range from 75m to 40m. Usually this gun only has 2 damage radiuses, but this ammo adds one more at 81m. Beyond that, the damage falls down to 22. In return for the lower range, it gets the same TTK as SVK. Is it good? Well, kind of depends on your play style. If you enjoy sticking with your squad mates up on the front like, playing a bit aggressively, then this ammunition is a good choice. However, if you would rather staying behind and supporting allies from a distance, avoid it. SVK is just better at that style of gameplay anyways, though.
  • Extended Barrel – It reduces the fire rate by a lot, making the already slow TTK way too slow. The benefit it provides is too small. You want to avoid this attachment under all circumstances.
7. Recommended Build
  • An optic of your choice
  • Standard Issue Ammunition / Close Combat Ammunition
  • Grenade Launcher / +Hipfire Accuracy / Factory Mounts
  • + Horizontal Recoil Control / Factory Barrel

Some might think that the grenade launcher is a weird recommendation.

However, compared to SVK, the strength DM7 is its bigger magazine. That allows a player to play more aggressively and is more versatile. This gun isn’t so much about staying back. To take advantage of the gun’s strengths you need to be on the frontlines with your teammates. I was thinking, “How can I maximize that playstyle for this gun?” The grenade launcher is a good choice for that. Especially the smoke grenade launcher.

The laser sight has helped me personally in some situation. If you don’t need it, you can just leave the factory mount slot empty.

Again, big thanks to Sorang for this guide. Check her out on Twitter here.

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