Battlefield 2042 Down Alongside BF4 on Multiple Platforms This July 19, 2022

Battlefield 2042 Next Update 1.2 Patch Notes

For those having issues connecting to Battlefield 2042 right now, it seems you’re not the only one, as multiple people have posted Battlefield 2042 down reports this July 19, and it’s affecting all platforms, and more than one game!

Battlefield 2042 Down Status and Updates for July 19, 2022:

Over on the BF2042 subreddit, players have reported that not only is Battlefield 2042 down, but it seems Battlefield 4 is down too!

Battlefield 2042 is down. I wonder when Dice will fix this… from battlefield2042

EA has not issued any statement or acknowledgement of the downtime, so we’re left hanging for now on when this will be resolved. Same as before, we’ll be updating this article as more news develops, so refresh it from time to time. For those on PlayStation, it’s not just Battlefield suffering an outage, but the entire network is down right now.

If you can connect to the BF2402 (and BF4) servers, leave a comment below and let us know which platform you’re on and where you’re connecting from.

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