Battlefield 2042: EA Looking to Build Long-Term Interaction & Relationship With BF Users Versus Selling a Game This Year

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While Battlefield publisher EA (Electronic Arts) hasn’t had the best reputation when it comes games, it seems to have learned from some of its past mistakes, and instead  of cashing in on players initially with game purchases, it’s now seeking to establish a long-term interaction with them — at least when it comes to Battlefield 2042.

In EA’s quarterly financials call, EA COO & CFO Blake Jorgensen mentino how they are looking for a long-term interaction with consumers rather than just selling them a game this year. Jorgensen adds that they are looking to build a “long-term relationship” with Battlefield fans rather than just selling them a game (BF2042) this year.

You’re going to hear a lot more over the next couple of months about Battlefield live services, in-game monetization and so forth. I can’t tell you all that now, but trust that the team is working very hard on this, and they have some very unique ideas about what we can continue to do, what Andrew just said, to create this as a long-term interaction with our consumers versus simply selling a game this year. And we want to build a long-term relationship as we have with Battlefield users for a long time. Portal is a perfect example of how that works, and you’ll see more of that and more details about that over the next couple of months. – Blake Jorgense, EA COO & CFO

With Battlefield 2042, EA is introducing a new way to experience the franchise with Battlefield Portal — a new mode/experience that pulls weapons, maps and more from past Battlefield games, and lets players play around within the sandbox with their own game modes and the like. With this new mode, it seems like EA knows this will give the game longer legs which is good for the community, though not exactly for the publisher, as there’s the chance that when a new Battlefield game is released, some players might not want to move on given they can still play new modes in BF Portal. That said, this is definitely a step in the right direction for EA, and let’s hope they push through with it.

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