Battlefield 2042 Featured Experiences Changing Starting This Week, Here’s How

Battlefield 2042 Featured Experiences

It looks like DICE is looking to shake up the Battlefield 2042 Featured Experiences starting this week, as players can expect more frequent changes to it, though with less featured playlists available.

In an anouncement over on Twitter, the official Battlefield Direct Communications account made the following announcement:

On Thursday, March 24, we’re changing how we’re rotating Featured Experiences within #BattlefieldPortal

Here’s a on what’s changing:

To put more focus on current available Featured Experiences, we’re reducing how many are featured at any time from 5 to 3 We’ll now also rotate them twice a week (Monday and Thursday), instead of once

The first new rotation goes into effect this Thursday and will Feature 2042 TDM, 1942 vs 2042 Conquest and Rush Hardcore

Every Friday will also feature a new #FridayNightBattlefield experience for a full 24 hours in the Portal menu

We’ll have a different experience available for you each week, and we’re excited to make it easier for you to play together in this long-standing Community event 

While not a super big change, it’s still something, right? In addition to that, Battlefield Community Manager Kevin Johnson also confirmed that Rush will be removed, though it won’t be gone for long.

Hopefully, we get news of the latest development updates and maybe even a roadmap soon-ish. Make sure to bookmark our Battlefield game hub for the latest news on Battlefield 2042 and beyond.

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