Battlefield 2042 Flashback Conquest & Infantry CQ Changes Inbound; Now Part of Rotation Update for the Foreseeable Future

Battlefield 2042 Flashback Conquest

If you’re a fan of Battlefield 2042 Flashback Conquest and Infantry Conquest game modes, you’re in luck! DICE and Ripple Effect Studios is making these modes part of the rotation update for the foreseeable future! Not only that, but the studio announced a few changes incoming to these modes as well.

Battlefield 2042 Flashback Conquest & Infantry CQ Changes:

Here’s what was shared today via the official Battlefield Direct Communication account (we’ve compiled the tweets for an easier read):

Today we have an update to share with you about some key changes taking place with Flashback Conquest and Infantry Conquest, two of our most popular Featured Experiences in Battlefield Portal, all based on your feedback.

These two Featured Experiences are proving popular, and we want to continue to deliver experiences you enjoy playing.

As of today (05th May), we plan to include either Flashback Conquest or Infantry Conquest in each Battlefield Portal Rotation Update for the foreseeable future.

Many of you have shared with us that including the Battlefield 1942 maps in Flashback Conquest disrupts the flow of the experience. This week, El Alamein and Battle of the Bulge have been removed from Flashback Conquest.

This is a change that we will keep a close eye on to see if you feel this is a positive or negative change, and we will make the necessary adjustments or revert this change based on the reception we see from this Featured Experience this week.

Alongside this, for Infantry Conquest we feel this is all about Boots on the Ground gameplay and we heard your complaints about the MAV being too disruptive in this Featured Experience, and we agree. We have taken the decision to remove the MAV from the next rotation of Infantry Conquest – please let us know your thoughts on if this improves or takes away from the Infantry Conquest experience.

We rely on your feedback to let us know if these changes help to improve things around Infantry and Flashback Conquest and we encourage you to continue to share

Players can leave their feedback on the official EA Answers forum thread on this topic.

Speaking of Featured Experiences, go check out the weekly mission and reward (along with the Featured Experiences for the week) right here.

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