Battlefield 2042 New Specialist “Lis,” Soldier Set and Boat Variants Spotted in Game Files

Battlefield 2042 New Specialist

It seems that Battlefield 2042 patch 4.0 just keeps on giving! This tim around, a Battlefield 2042 new Specialist named “Lis” has been spotted in the game files, and might be the new Specialist coming in Season 1, which is due in “early summer” according to EA.

Once again unearthed by reliable Battlefield dataminer temporyal, a few more items spotted are a new soldier set, which was teased by the “They Come Out at Night” player card which was in patch 4.0! While there’s no naval combat in BF2042, boat variants were spotted in the game files, too.

As you can see from temporyal’s own disclaimer, these datamined items are in no way official, so there is no guarantee from DICE or EA that we’ll see these make their way into the game. They can be placeholder items, scrapped ideas and the like. However, given they are still in the game’s files even after patch 4.0 has been released, perhaps DICE is still working on these? One can hope, no? But a new Specialist being part of Season 1 is already confirmed even before the game came out, so there’s that. Will it be Lis? I wouldn’t bet against it.

Outside of these, some of the other stuff datamined from patch 4.0 are unreleased melee weapons, new cosmetics and a weather effect for a map, and even references to an in-game strore! Let’s hope that the May patch is full of hidden nuggets of info as well.

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1 year ago

And new maps????

1 year ago

This game is a complete failure.

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