Battlefield 2042 Gives Full XP & Progression in BF Portal If Bots Are Disabled

BF Portal XP

If you’re still not warm to playing Battlefield 2042’s Battlefield Portal given the XP and progression gimp, well, it seems DICE and Ripple Effect Studios have made a stealth change to it recently (that might be part of the 3.3 patch roll out).

Over on Twitter, Battlefield subreddit mod OddJob001 quoted Twitter user 235Nuke who said that setting a server without bots in Battlefield Portal gives full progression! Players can earn mastery levels in weapons and everything!

This little nugget has been confirmed by a bunch of gamers when I asked whether this is indeed the real deal and doesn’t seem to be a bug!

No one from DICE or Ripple Effect announced this change, which is odd given this is one of the most requested changes to BF Portal, and you’d assume they’d make a formal announcement if they did something for the fans. For those who want to set up shop (servers), and just go the BF Portal route, that is now a viable option. Hopefully, more fan-requested changes are implemented in the coming days and months.

Will this be enough for you to consider giving BF2042 another go (even if you just play BF Portal)? Let us know down in the comments.

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