Battlefield 2042 Plus System, How to Revive, and How to Call in Vehicles Explained

Battlefield 2042 Plus System

Regardless if you’re new to the Battlefield franchise or not, there are a few things in Battlefield 2042 that’s new. DICE is aware of ths, and has whipped up quick tutorials on the Battlefield 2042 Plus system for gun attachments, how to revive, and how the call-in system works for calling in vehicles.

Battlefield 2042 Plus System:

Hold down the appropriate button/key for your preferred platform (see below) to see what attachments are available on your current weapon. Each arm of the menu grants access to a different category of attachment to select from, releasing the button instantly equips the selection. This allows you to experiment with these attachments to find what best meets your needs in a particular firefight or just fits your overall playstyle better.

For PC: Hold down the “T” key, left click to select, then release the “T” key to equip
For Xbox press and hold LB, use the directional buttons to select, then release LB to equip.
For PlayStation press and hold L1, use the directional buttons to select, then release L1 to equip.

Battlefield 2042 How to Call-In a Vehicle:

On PC press the “B” button to bring up the call-in tablet. Choose from troop movers to combat vehicles and use the left mouse button to select the right choice for your particular situation. Once you’ve decided, move your mouse again to choose the location for delivery. Then one more click and you’re all set.

For Xbox press and hold the “RB” button and follow the steps above.
For PlayStation press and hold the “R1” button and follow the steps above.

Battlefield 2042 How to Heal & Revive:

battlefield 2042

Medic crates are boxes you can use to help heal your teammates. Throw them on the ground and when an injured teammate moves close they gain hp over a short duration. Please be aware that there is a cooldown after healing takes place so you won’t be able to use another medic crate immediately. Same note here regarding avoiding further damage during the healing period.

Finally, the Specialist Maria Falck has a syrette pistol allowing her to heal herself. She can also shoot friendly targets to heal them at range. If she misses the target a syringe will land on the ground which can be used by either friend or foe and receive the healing effect. However, if the syrette hits an enemy target directly they’ll take damage.

The Battlefield 2042 beta begins next week, and you can check the full schedule here.

Source: EA

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