Battlefield 2042 & Portal XP Farming Lobbies Run Wild, DICE Issues Changes to Combat It

Battlefield 2042 XP Farming

In an effort to combat some early XP farming in Battlefield 2042, DICE has pushed out an all-new server update that is disabling and decreasing some XP earned in specific modes both in Battlefield 2042’s All-Out War mode, and in Battlefied Portal.

Today was the official start day for the Battlefield 2042 early access, and while the Battlefield 2042 servers have been rather rocky throughout the day, players who were have managed to get in with no issues may have noticed a recurring theme in the server browser for Battlefield Portal. 

With users being able to create their own lobbies and host them at will, there has been an unsurprisingly amount of increase in what many had feared — those being Battlefield 2042 XP farming lobbies. Well, it seems like DICE has gotten the picture, and in an effort to combat it (until a better solution arrives,) they have, for the, time disabled XP gains in custom Battlefield lobbies, while also decreasing the amount earned in solo/co-op in All-Out Warfare.

An understandable move by DICE, however that does remove an incentive in wanting to play on custom lobbies, especially for the ones that are legit, not trying to exploit the system for in order to farm XP in Battlefield 2042. Hopefully a better solution is implemented soon. As for server issues, they of course will continue to monitor the situation.

Battlefield 2042 is now available in early access for all platforms. The official, full release will be on Tuesday, November 16. Stay tuned later for our full review!

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