Battlefield 2042 Spawns in Beta Affected by Bugs; Visual Artifacting Acknowledged by DICE

Battlefield 2042 Spawns

With the Battlefield 2042 beta now officially over, some might have felt that the spawns weren’t really exactly great given you oftentimes spawned right in middle of firefights and so on. It seems, the Battlefield 2042 spawns issue we experienced in the beta was due to a bug!

This was confirmed by DICE Level Design Director Peter Vesti Frendrup over on Twitter:

Frendrup also confirmed that players won’t spawn in swimming in a particular section of the Orbital map!

More on the beta, DICE has also updated the EA Answers page to include “visual artifacting” as one of the top issues! This was confirmed by DICE Lead Community Manager Adam Freeman.

Visual Artifacting which has the potential to trigger those with Photosensitivity Conditions

We’re aware of rare instances of a visual issue which can cause effects in the game to display as full screen flashes of white light. This is unintended and is being investigated by our teams as a matter of priority to uncover its root cause. We are not anticipating that fixes can be developed and released prior to the end of our Open Beta. Warnings relating to those with Photosensitive conditions are not present in our Open Beta, and we encourage those managing photosensitive conditions exercise caution when playing, and to

I’ve experienced this visual artifacting multiple times, and I have to admit, it is one of the worst visual bugs I’ve seen, as it can literally make you dizzy.

Outside of the spawns, DICE has also confirmed that the UI, and even rate of XP has been changed for the better in the final version of the game. Make sure to read our article on what we liked about the beta, and what we thought needed changing right here.

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