Battlefield 2042 UI Improved for Launch Build; More XP for Resupplying & Other Actions Confirmed

Battlefield 2042 UI

With the Battlefield 2042 beta underway, players have been quick to share their feedback on what they liked, and what needed work. One of the things which a lot of players have issues with is the beta build’s UI (user interface). Thankfully, DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 UI has been improved upon already, which isn’t surprising given the beta build is at least a few months old.

In a Reddit post, DICE Producer Ben Walke (posting as Reddit user F8RGE) confirmed this in response to this video post:

Who approved this UI lol from battlefield2042

Here’s what Walke had to say:

Been a lot of improvements to the options menu for launch. The above video is a bug that has been squished. Nuances that come with a build that’s a few months old.

Walke also confirmed that the menus being unclear whether something is on/off has been improved in the latest builds as well. Now, for those annoyed at how many sub menus there are and whatnot, Walke also confirmed improvements to this, too.

Another thing Walke confirmed that has been improved is how the scoring system works for actions such as resupplying, healing, and more.

You get absolutely no points/score for a being a transport aircraft. Plz bring back point system to make team combat more meaningful… from battlefield2042

In that thread, here’s what Walke had to say:

Walke also confirmed that you’ll also get XP for transporting people around the map, too.

This is definitely good news, as currently in the beta, players are given a measly 5XP for resupplying and so on. I mean, sure, it beats that than having nothing at all, but that doesn’t really promote a team game. Glad to hear that it’s been sorted out.

Speaking of improved UI, that was one of the things we pointed out in our Battlefield 2042 beta feature where we ist five things we didn’t like about the beta, and five things we think clicked.

Battlefield 2042 is set to launch this November 19 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Jeshus Naaz
1 year ago

Why did they even release this ‘old’ version of the game for the beta? It might be a lie and this is the current version of the game, a buggy mess.

I think this beta was far from playable, and every friend of mine which wanted to buy now decided to buy BF4.

Reply to  Jeshus Naaz
1 year ago

They said they did an old build so that they didn’t have to halt them working on the current version so they could improve it

1 year ago

The beta was a travesty. Alot of bugs. Bad UI all around. Flag spawns on the available map needs work especially at the top of the tower. Vehicle Vs ground units is an absolute joke and either ground units need to be stronger or vehicles need to take less. 3x c4 on a tank should destroy said tank not weaken it. Speaking of tanks. Been a passenger on a gun was a motion sickness mess. Gun customisation doesn’t work properly as the AK always reset every life. And there’s much more too. I really hope that this game has been super polished since this beta or it’s going to be another cyberpunk 2077 nightmare.

1 year ago

there’s too many design issues in the core game that have me worried.

bugs are not an issue – we all know they will get fixed.

problems which really need addressing are issues like:

specialists need to conform to classes – anyone can be anything right now, and how do you tell who has what?

if i need a revive, where do i see medics? who has ammo? how do i tell?

weapon ammo – very very limited for your primary weapon – you need to keep switching over to alternative ammo – which again is limited. therefore more stress trying to find ammo

when working in a squad – you now can’t assess who is what, and therefore what to bring to the squad to balance it

i could go on, but what’s the point?

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