Battlefield 2042 Specialist Gadget Names, 22 Weapons Unearthed via Datamine

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Gadget Names

With the Battlefield 2042 Tech Test client out in the wild, more and more info from the game client has been leaking out, and it seems it’s not stopping anytime soon, as the Battlefield 2042 Specialist gadget names have now surfaced, along with the weapons that will be avialable in the game.

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Gadget Names:

  • icon_iwi_gadget_stimpistol
  • icon_iwi_gadget_recondrone
  • icon_iwi_gadget_deployablecover
  • icon_iwi_gadget_arscanner
  • icon_iwi_gadget_smartexplosive
  • icon_iwi_gadget_supplydrop
  • icon_iwi_gadget_signalhacker
  • icon_iwi_gadget_constructionkit
  • icon_iwi_gadget_supplythrowable
  • icon_iwi_gadget_grapplegun
  • icon_iwi_gadget_supplybag
  • icon_iwi_gadget_personalshield
  • icon_iwi_gadget_eidos
  • icon_iwi_gadget_autoturret

Renowned Battlefield dataminer temporyal also commented on the leaked Specialist name for Irish, and how it’s the “Fortification System” — which is something Battlefield V should be familiar with.

Speaking of temporyal, the dataminer has also uncovered a slew of weapons in Battlefield 2042! Here’s what he posted:

Here is a list of 22 weapons based on analyzing client data in #Battlefield 2042. A few unseen examples:

  • TTS Xceed
  • Crye Six12
  • Cobra R9 Crossbrow

The actual ingame designations will be more futuristic. Details on sidearms & melee weapons might follow…

Same as with every leaked and datamined info, treat this one with a bag of salt. That said, these all look plausible content, so we would be surprised if they aren’t in the final version of the game.

Thanks, jd0255, temporyal!

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