Battlefield 2042 Update 1.1 Stealth Changes Includes Nerfs, New Attachments and More

Battlefield 2042 Season 6

Earlier today, DICE released Battlefield 2042 patch 1.1, which ushered in quite a long list of adjustments, fixes and more. Apparently, while we got a long of changes detailed in the patch notes, there’s still a ton of stuff tweaked and added by the devs that they failed to document. Thankfully, the community is on the case, as a long list of Battlefield 2042 update 1.1 stealth changes has been spotted!

Before diving into the list, note that the unannounced changes include fixes, smaller improvements, with some that might differ based on the game’s platform. Most of these have been verified by the community, though this is far from the complete list given the patch just came out today.

Battlefield 2042 Update 1.1 Stealth Changes List:

All stealth changes that community found out about:

  • #1 season 1 end countdown has been added to the main AOW lobby screen (ending in September)
  • #2 Lobby and map music has been fixed
  • #3 Recon drone now moves very slow with c5 on it
  • #4 Sundance only gets 1 grenade not 2 like before and does a lot less damage than before.
  • #5 We can Control our planes while looking behind!Clarification…

It apparently is only working on A-10 in portal…

  • #6 VCAR, SCAR got a new scope, TARGET 8T 1.25-4.5x, It’s a canted ironsight
  • #7 [BUG] US Marine Com no longer gets attack vehicles on defence in orbital. more info about this bellow form user who originally reported this right below this post!
  • #8 it seems like they improved hit reg, and damage output. shots hit the target more consistent and time to kill is shorter compare to 1.0. (Tested with AK)
  • #9 There is a different noise when taking an objective, Also there are arrow indicators on the minimap towards objectives now
  • #10 Boris’ Serebro Centurion visor got changed from red to black. Looks lame now.
  • #11 [BUG] They still haven’t fixed the laser sights….
  • #12 [BUG] Radio still not working in the condor*.
  • #13 New Addition: Gear (Nades, gadgets, etc) and vehicles now show what mastery level they’re on with the coloured badge next to them in the collection/loadout menu
  • #14 There’s now a green cone in front of the player on the minimap
  • #15 New enemy grenade in proximity icon/outline
  • #16 Forcing un-owned electric doors now force open much faster
  • #17 New squad leader squad ordering system like how BF1 + BF5 had it in the commo rose and you can select flags to attack/defend
  • #18 After round ends everyone is stopped in the last position they’re in. No longer able to move in a direction
  • #19 New “pulsing” type effect on revive icon when “request revive” is being held
  • #20 New “Deny/cross” type effect on revive Nixon when “Deny revive” is being held
  • #21 New EMP grenade effects
  • #22 Zoom in possibility on maps + marker
  • #23 Ok this one’s a bit strange, not sure if it’s a bug.

You have full control of your aircraft during the opening cutscene when you spawn in. Previously you could only adjust pitch and roll but now you can use weapons, afterburners and throttle even when it’s the cutscene.

  • #24 Wildcat has a large blue box around your crosshair. It’s on tanks as well
  • #25 Bobbing effect has been added to your screen when using tactical sprint
  • #26 the 70mm Night Bird rockets shoot in slower fire rate
  • #27 new air raid sfx in BT mode
  • #28 PS4 version on PS5 textures and resolution appear improved. Along with texture loading time.
  • #29 [BUG] This is change that has been done multiple patches ago but still annoys me and they never fixed it: main menu on PS5 plays at 30fps. Please add it to the list so the devs can see it.
  • #30 wires has been added back to scar
  • #31 The 70mm rocket pods on the night bird had both their rate of fire reduced as well as their replenish time increased
  • #32 Defending vehicles on breakthrough have been nerfed, at least on Hourglass. Not sure if vehicle balance have been revoked altogether
  • #33 May be an oversight but the box that says skip killer camera no longer aligns with killer info panel.
  • #34 Also I’m not exactly sure but I got the impression that sounds from the battle (gunshots, explosions) sound more present while in the map spawn screen.
  • #35 There is a new “tink” sound when capturing points.
  • #36 New voice lines I haven’t heard before, a friendly Sundance said “these grenades are fucked” or something like that when I placed an Irish shoot down sentry.
  • #37 A green circle immited from a tank when a squadmate jumped in. Never seen that before.
  • #38 40mm incendiary no longer bounce off walls. Incendiary Grenades of the SFAR now explode on impact and Fire sticks to Vehicles
  • #39 They fixed the BSV-M tier 1 mastery skin
  • #40 They removed adaptive triggers on PS5… sucks as I keep accidentally firing my gun now given the resistance isn’t there
  • #41 You can access the main menu (to update your loadout!) while in the “waiting for lobby to fill” and “waiting to deploy” screens. Previously pressing start just opened a single option to leave or stay in the game.
  • #42 You can press tab to see the scoreboard while waiting for players to join
  • #43 Russian air force marking got fixed on the Hannibal
  • #44 New sounds when selecting gadgets/weapons
  • #45 Text on HUD has a glow now
  • #46 Enemy laser sights seem to have a stronger effect when looking at them
  • #47 EOR screen now shows most kills (maybe it did before as well)
  • #48 A new holographic sight for the M44 called the PP1 holo?
  • #49 When holding heal to heal yourself as falck, the animation is sped up.
  • #50 Maybe I was just oblivious prior to this patch, but it seems they added a sound effect if you try to use a gadget (like ammo boxes) that is currently unavailable.
  • #51 When your character is burning. He/she starts screaming like a mad man or like he is burning atm.
  • #52 Casper’s passive ability (movement sensor) is disabled in Hazard Zone. Bug maybe?
  • #53 Seems the took away the new 5x scope from the DM7? It unequipped it from my loud out and I can’t find it anymore.
  • #54 There seems to be something up with friendly vehicle dots. They don’t show up in some cases until you’re super close.
  • #55 UI for alternative weapon mode (X) and single/auto fire type is has moved and is much bigger and clearer in the UI
  • #56 Icon for underbarrel Grenade launcher has been changed
  • #57 HEAT shells have been nerfed. They no longer one-shot jets.
  • #58 [BUG] BUG – When in a vehicle, at least as secondary gunner, and looking left and right the mini map does not rotate with players FOV.
  • #59 The Fusion Holo’s red dot is a lot smaller and more refined. I don’t have a before or after photo atm, but if you check in-game, you should be able to see it.
  • #60 One more thing they altered the HUD for Breakthrough.
  • #61 SU57 got nerfed hard. I think it’s equal with the F35 now.
  • #62 One can land on mountains better while parachuting. previously cliff side on exposure did pushed you away.
  • #63 Breakthrough layout changed on Exposure.

As we mentioned before, this isn’t the complete list, and we’ll be updating it as more BF2042 update 1.1 stealth changes are found. Why did DICE not announce these changes? We have no clue, but this isn’t the first time the studio has done this. as patch 4.0 (before Season 1 dropped) had over 50 items that were stealthily tweaked.

Once more hidden changes are spotted, we’ll update the post.

Update (June 7): Added new items (#41 to 63)

Thanks,  ANGRYlalocSOLDI!

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